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SP3 wakes up by itself and takes photos.


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I don't see how its a virus. I've not been anywhere "shady."
Just scanned with defender...nothing.
Speaking from my rear-end, I think its driver issue or a Win8 issue. Maybe?

Thats not the only issue. Sometimes when I log in, it won't go to the desktop/start screen, it'll just show the background color on screen. Hitting the physical windows button does nothing. I have to hit the power button to turn off the screen and repeat the process of logging in. The most I had to do it consecutively to login successfully was twice.
Come on Microsoft, you control the hardware and software now. I can't blame Dell or HP!

yes but it's just YOUR device acting up like this, saying to MS to get it's act together is a little broad... perhaps do a reset and your device will work like mine and others which is flawless..


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I don't know. Just found another thread where it happened to another person too, so it not JUST mine. But sure thing boss.


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ok so 2 people INCLUDING yourself hardly means MS should get it acts together! lol and like I suggested in my post before try doing a reset and that will fix your problem, if it doesn't then get a replacement from MS. ;)


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I've had this happen to me and once I disabled the camera from being an option on the lockscreen (in the form of a swipe) it never happened again. It was weird when it was doing it though.


Did you ran any updates before that happened? Or did you install some kind of software?

Are you the only one using it or do family/friend members use it as well?


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One possible reason is a Bluetooth mouse. Bluetooth devices can wake up the SP3 (The button on the Pen is one, too.) So make sure to switch of your mouse before putting it into your bag.