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Stuck pixels, bad batch or just a bad tablet?


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A while ago based on this thread I had my Surface 3 replaced. However, within the course of almost three months the issue is starting to occur again.

Could someone please verify they have never seen this issue through extensive use? So, pixels lighting up during startup (just above the Surface logo). Or even with the screen full lit and a complete black page in MS Paint.

Do I (and some others) just have a bad batch? Or is the Surface 3 really not as good as expected?


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Never had an issue with mine, had it since launch and used extensively for all manner of things.


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Perhaps I am just demanding too much... I don't know.

Anyway: good to see people not experiencing the issue!


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I don't have the issue with mine too. Runs all day from 8 to 10 pm non stop and so far after 6 months still like new one. Battery wear is less than 0.05%. Perfect screen and running the latest Insider Build.
The first one I got from Best Buy got a battery wear of more than 10% so I returned it after a couple of days.