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Surface makes the cartoons

Arizona Willie

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This morning I was reading the cartoons in the morning paper ( online of course ) and lo and behold there in the cartoon ZITS was a Surface tablet.
Although it had a design on the back and my Surface doesn't, it had the kickstand like the Surface and, as far as I know, the Surface is the only tablet with this type of kickstand.
Sure looks like a Surface.


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Arizona Willie

Arizona Willie

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could be. Hard to see if that's a triangle at the base in the cartoon or just shadow. But the proportion looks more like the Apple. I think the Surface is attached just a wee bit higher up. Not much though. But with that design on the back I think the cartoonist probably was going for an Apple instead of Surface < sigh >, since the Surface has no design on the back.

It looks like I was wrong --- AGAIN :(


Just going to leave it here


its Anime not cartoons :cool2:
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Why couldn't MS name the RT - Surface Essentials???

It would have been accurate, not arcane like RT, and would have made the difference between the Essentials (or the RT) and the Pro(fessional) quite clear...!!!!!

And, it sounds good (to my ears)...Surface Essentials!


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Now I understand this videos, It's the same cartoon!!! LOL
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