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Surface Pro 10/4/2013 Firmware Update


Thanks for the list, cmergel.

Everything on mine matches, except that I do not have a Realtek card reader. Is this something that doesn't get detected until I plug a card in it? The driver appears to be a default one built in Windows.


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Mine is awaiting 20 updates, but for some reason it only wants to install them if I was to reset, rather than shut down, and back on again one day. Seeing as though I never reset (or remember to specifically) it seems they're going to be sitting there for some time!


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Looks likea lot of people affected.
I updated the firmware and have an exclamation mark against the firmware aggregator. Tried deleting it and do a h/w scan in device manager....Still same.
Rolled back driver ... still same.

Have just updated to Win 8.1 yesterday... Still same.

I've seen lots of tips like hold reset button for 15 secs etc. Best I get is a reboot with updating firmware which just sits and sits until you reset it.

All very tedious.

At the moment I don't have a working touch keyboard. Any (other ideas / solitions) ?


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I just got a system firmware update today, it took like 1 sec to install and restart. how do i know what changes it made?


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I went onto MS site to log a case and best it comes up with is to replace whole Surface Pro. Great if you want to set up your machine again with all programs etc.
What happens when it applies updates again ???

Come on MS. Greaty piece of h/w. Support not so great . Do I gpo and get myself an Apple ( Hope not).