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Surface PRO Firmware Update...


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Well, just a few hours after installing the firmware update I am back to having limited connectivity. Guess the update didn't work out all the bugs with the WiFi yet. Anyone else still having this problem?

Yep I'm still having occasional wifi issues same as before the update. My updates installed without a problem.


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I never had problems with WiFi before. After update my Surface won't stay connected to WiFi for more than 30 seconds. Rolled back driver and am good to go again. New Marvell AVASTAR 350N driver seems to have issues. The version that is working for me is 14.69.24019.88 dated 2/19/2013

Jay Slasher

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I'm having a few new issues since the latest update, 1) Airplane mode turns everything off when you turn it on. but the switch shows Off. When you try to turn Airplane mode off it thinks its already off and won't enable the Wireless/bluetooth adapters (have to do this manually). Also now 2) power management seems to be broken (could just be me) when in balanced mode its supposed to go to sleep as normal which it does, but switch to high powered mode and disable sleep when plugged in and it still goes to sleep. I have to change the power state then reboot in order for the settings to stick.

My bluetooth mouse is also now having some issues with staying connected after the surface has gone to sleep.

considering a refresh and starting over at this point.


Yea I got that driver 2 days ago, then installed the firmware and all patches yesterday and I still have wifi issues.

have you tried disabling "allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" on the power management tab of the wlan adapter in device manager?


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Pen Accuracy

is it just me, or is the stylus more accurate now?
It seems like the little point on the screen when i'm holding it at a distance isn't as shaky.
(perhaps I just haven't had enough coffee yet)


I think the stylus has improved too.. but in a very specific way... and I'm not positive it was the firmware responsible. Some background:

I have previously run the expanded point calibration routine several times per one of the posts on this forum. If I went to the desktop and started, say, windows explorer I could see that the little "target" on the screen that follows the pen was following VERY accurately.. but when I used it in OneNote is was always off by quite a bit. It was truly maddening. After Update Tuesday OneNote works much better - but is it the firmware update or Office updates that are responsible? I really can't tell


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I just went to the updates on my Surface Pro and it said there was only an update for the Marvell Wireless networking controller ( or something like that ) so I told it to go ahead.

Well that was strange. I had to restart and then I went back to updates and it immediately told me the firmware was ready to install!!!

Oh well, whatever :)

I vote for Willie as the Grumpy old man of the Forums! :)


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I had the same experience posted by some others previously. Pen was not working after multiple restarts. But doing a shutdown did solve the problem. I found this surprising as the new "shutdown" is really a hibernation for fast-start whereas the restart is supposed to do a full startup, so usually restart is better for correcting software problems. This suggests that the pen problem required the hardware to be turned off (with a shutdown) rather than a software issue.