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Is it difficult to apply the screen protector?

Tip I've heard for avoiding dust in the air is to install the screen protector in a bathroom where someone has recently had a hot shower and produced lots of steam, the water vapour settles and pulls dust down out of the air- just wait long enough so that the steam is not still hanging around.

I had a ExpertShield on my phone before, that was a thick multi layered shield and went on super -easy with no bubbles without liquids it was excellent. I'm not sure if they do one for the SP3 yet (they have one for SP2) but when they do I'll be getting one. they Also have a money back guarantee.

This is the UK site but they have a USA store too.
I use MIME Ghost Glass, also a glass based protector. And it installs pretty easily... the glass would "force" the air bubbles out. Once installed, you don't even know it has an extra glass protector...