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Surface Pro 3 Touchscreen / Cracked corner


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Good morning Guys,

I hope I can get an opinion from some more long term Surface user!

I have taken my dad's surface, who sadly passed away three weeks ago, which had touchscreen not really working, reading around I fixed it using the n-trig file, however there is a 1/8 on a side no working, that side has a crack on a corner long about the size of the area that does not work (will post a picture later).

I do not think it is a software issue anymore, after the ntrig update, and I do not want to reinstall windows as it is also a "memorial" for me, I was thinking of replacing the screen which I am quite confident with however I wanted to make sure, as much as possible, that it would fix the problem as I can see spare scree come with the touchcontrol part too.

I rarely use mobile computer as I am a desktop user and gamer since the late 80s however for several reasons I want this 100% working and can use it as work device when needed out and about!

Thank you!


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Sorry to hear about your father. I’m sure he is greatly missed. Seems he was tech savvy, too.
Screen replacement is indeed possible. It will involve letting the battery drain out, and a heat gun. Many firms do this after you send the SP3 to them. If you live in a bigger city, it is likely you could call on a computer repair shop.

Screen replacement is tricky for the novice. As time. One more thing to note is that as time goes on, replacement screens (digitizers) for the SP3 are becoming more rare, likely as are people like your father.

People are forever.


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Thank you Sharpuser, indeed he was, actually I started playing around with THIS when I was a little kid and made me interested in tech.

My best guess is that should fix the problem, I have an Asus Transformer and replaced the screen on that three years ago no problems, I have a series of repair bits as I did the same to my iPhone along with the battery.

I may do that, change battery and screen, besides it is still a very powerful machine, I mean it can play some decent games even (I bought the Artic USB Fan to cool the back to avoid throttling) although I am a PC Gamer so I have my desktop PC for my everyday normal use.

Thanks again!