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Surface Pro Case


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I am looking for a case for my Surface Pro with a Touch Keyboard. Not looking for a sleave, but something you open and use with the case remaining on the Pro. Most the ones I find are on Amazon but they don't either give enough detail or are RT/PRO models which I am not confident in. I bought one which was supposedly Pro compatible but it was not.


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I was also looking to buy a new case (not sleeve) for my Surface Pro... something that would also have a shoulder strap.

...then I realized that I already had one. I just took out my old Netbook, and used my Targus 10" Netbook case, which was perfect. (it also has space to hold the charger, mouse, pen holder, and slim dvd burner).

Targus Sport 10.2? Netbook Case | TDC007US


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Surface Pro Case - Update

Thanks, but I am looking for something smaller, not a bag which fits all kinds of accessories.

Something like this: Manvex.JPG
Most I have found online are RT and some claim RT/PRO compatibility. I don't want to buy until I can confirm it will fit the Pro with the Touch Keyboard.


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I have no plans of buying a folio case. It adds weight and thickness to the device and makes the kick stand useless. You also cannot enjoy the beauty of the vapor mg casing. I personally feel the vapor mag already acts as a durable case. The case also will trap in more heat, which is especially a concern since the surface pro gets warm thanks to its i5 cpu. I believe these devices are really built solid and durable. Just be more careful not to drop / scratch it. I use my old case for 10 inch netbooks and it fits perfect. Even fits my Bluetooth keyboard, charger, mouse, and it has a shoulder strap and doesn't look bulky.

If you really want a case, look for one designed only for the pro and not the RT. I have seen some cases apparently built for both devices, but I wouldn't trust it since both devices have different thickness.


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Different uses for different people. I can see wanting a case and not being concerned about the "look" of the device or its inherent caseless durability. I think the loss of use of the kickstand is a non issue with a case since any good case will probably offer more positions than the kickstand would anyway and at least should be able to prop the tablet in one fixed position the same as the kickstand.

I agree with making sure the case is for the Pro since the extra thickness will make a difference in fit. I would also want to get a case that takes cooling into consideration for the Pro and doesn't block the edge vents. It might take some time for good cases to come out but in the next couple of months I would think some good specific options will appear.