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The Foundry Mischief


Recently The Foundry bought Mischief, it's been developed by a small independent developer. What is this strange application with it's odd name..

I recommend you test it yourself but i can say as much as it's a vectorbased sketching application built for and tested on the Surface Pro series devices. Amongst other similar devices. :)


/ Magnus


That's great to hear Eric, it is a wonderful application and as it's vectorbased and not pixelbased like most others you can zoom in without any pixelization at all and create quite stunning artworks with this. Best thing.. it's dead cheap and will only get better. :)

/ Magnus


New Member
i really enjoy to draw on this app.
Very new conception of drawing, and I'm sure this app has a great future.
And it works great on surface devices,
I like that it works only with pen, and do not see wrong hand touches, while support gestures for zoom and rotate.
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