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Top 5 Killer Apps


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1: amazon instant video (easier to rent movies on tablet, then on Tv)
2: reddit
3: good rss reader
4: xbox live connected games
5: twiiter


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1: Skype
2: Photoshop or other good photo editing program
3: Offline maps assuming comes with GPS receiver
4: BBC Iplayer assuming can set up a VPN connection to watch from overseas even better if you can send via HDMI port to TV
5: Good Email App

D.T. Rose

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Expect no bloatware on the Surface. Microsoft knows better.

As for vital apps -- expect vast varieties, no doubt. I would hope to see a wide-range of productivity-styled applications designed to take serious and intuitive advantage of the Snap Screen-multitasking aspect of the OS. The already-announced Netflix app appears too simple for my tastes. I do like the edge-to-edge appearance over-all, but, like all previous Netflix apps, it seems to suffer from a lack of in-depth abilities, such as advanced search options, as well as video and audio playback nuances. Do expect the Store to grow considerably fast, as RT features a considerably diverse stage to build upon.


Expect no bloatware on the Surface. Microsoft knows better.

LOL, I wouldn't go that far. More like there probably aren't that many heavy hitter developers who've come up with apps and are willing to pay MS to have them included as trial apps. Besides, these days the name of the game for many apps is getting people to your site. They make money having people click to come there or spend there rather than pay for the app. Other than games anyway.


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I would have to agree with D.T. on this one. It isn't MS that packs in the bloat ware, it is their partners who build the devices (Gateway, Dell, HP, etc.). When you buy things from the MS store you can select Microsoft Signature which specifically does not come with bloat ware so they definitely get it.


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Agree with J515OP. This is a Microsoft device. Therefore it should be the same as a Signature Device. No bloat or crap ware. Thank the lord!