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What do you love about your Surface Pro?


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What are the features, capabilities, etc. that you love most about your Surface Pro? Share your experience so far!


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I love the hardware. I love the speed, and how it makes windows 8 feel natural. On the RT I loved the modern interface and its applications but it always felt slow. On the pro it feels fluid and right.

Mostly I love that I can install anything I want on it.

I love the stylus, and doodling with it. I am not a stylus user, so it's completely new to me, but I enjoy playing with it. Maybe it will become an important part of my workflow; who knows!


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^ What he said

This thing is blazing fast, and the windows 8 touch interface feels so intuitive to use. It makes flipping between apps and multitasking seem so seamless.

And I'm really loving the pen on desktop mode. It can do everything a mouse can, and feel natural at the same time. I didn't think a stylus was for me, but this thing actually works quite quite well.


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This thing is speedier than my mac air running bootcamp and has about the the same battery life. I think we are seeing the future for pc's and is making my ipad a dust collector.
Just to bad it's hard to get for many people right now. I ended up going to an out of the way Best Buy in norcal to find one but it is well worth it.


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I'm pleasantly surprised by the build quality of the device.

after seeing virtually every android tablet out there, and some of the early iterations of the Windows Tablets, I'm super impressed.

I'm close to being one of the world's biggest Microsoft Cynics but they sure do hardware well. (the Kin not withstanding. Ask me my Kin story sometime. ;))


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This thing is awesome. Truly an Ipad killer.

I like almost everything about it including what was said above.

If I had to pick something I didn't like about it, it would be the weight but it isn't that bad. I can live with it.


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Now I won't have to carry my MacBook pro and iPad 2 every time with me...I will be selling both of this for surface pro... done with apple shit


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I love the stylus. Didn't realize how useful it would be, especially when you are holding as a tablet without using a mouse. This afternoon I made a full powerpoint presentation while sitting in a comfy chair and holding the pro as a tablet in one hand. I also like how I could take it with me to more casual occasions without it being awkward since it has the form of the tablet.


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I either like or love nearly everything about the device. I waited for the Pro specifically for the stylus. I was not disappointed. The stylus is not comfortable to hold in my opinion, but the digitizer is great, and the fact that they bonded the digitizers to the lcd panel and glass makes the pen set all that much closer to the image. I might be imagining it but I really think I'm producing better images faster with the surface than my desktop and Wacom pad set up.

I LOVE how it really can assume any form factor I need it to be at any time.

It's the perfect D&D session tablet if you're in to that.

I LOVE the speed and responsiveness.

Fastest SSD I've owned is a plus too.

This screen is just gorgeous! maybe first screen with a 200 degree viewing angle. *hyperbole

Some negatives include the price, which actually is too high in my opinion, and WHAT THE HELL WERE THEY THINKING WHEN THEY ENGINEERED THIS TRACK PAD!?

The track pad sticks out like a tumor because everything else is so awesome.


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The track pad sticks out like a tumor because everything else is so awesome.

If the trackpad is a tumor the kickstand is a festering boil.

If MS had just sent me one of these for a month before they released it I could have given them 10 suggestions that would have at minimum doubled their sales. Sadly they didn't ask me, or anyone else apparently.
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I finally got my Surface Pro from Best Buy, this past Monday night, so I'm still a newb as far as ownership goes. Here are the things I love (in no particular order) so far:

- It's blazing fast. I am replacing an iPad 3, 11.6" Asus Netbook and the occasional use of my wife's 2011 Macbook Pro. The Surface pro is faster than all of them!

- Windows 8. I'm surprised at how quickly I've become acquainted to windows 8. I've never used it, but I can see how a touch screen is almost necessary for it. I love it on the Surface Pro.

- The kickstand. I did more than enough research before purchasing the SP and I'm amazed at how much I can safely disagree with people on how useless the kickstand is when using it on your lap, with the touch/type cover. I use it ALL THE TIME with the touch/type cover, while reclined on my couch. I've logged about 6 hours of use, in different positions, while relaxing on my couch and it's all because of the kickstand.

- The display. I spent about 45 minutes at my local Best Buy (a few weeks ago), for the sole reason of checking out the display. Coming from the iPad 3 and its retina display, my biggest fear was that the display of the SP could not compete. Wow was I wrong. The display on the SP is gorgeous. I have had no feeling of moving to a lower-res screen at all. And this is coming from someone who refuses to use his children's original iPad because of it's miserably low-res screen.

- The Overall Hardware. I purchased the SP for the main reason of it being the ONLY computer I use every day. Because of that, I'm blown away at the portability of it, as well as it's versatility. I've seen all the complaint that we all have... Too heavy, too wide, too thick, etc... So far, I have no complaints about the hardware.

Again, I just want to reiterate that I've only had it for 2 days, but the points above, are the things that stood up and slapped me in the face with their awesomeness.