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Do you like the Surface Pro?


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If people are bashing the SP, it's because they don't have the Dell S2340T 58.4cm (23") multi-touch monitor details | Dell for it. That is what is really going on here.


Reading through some of these threads it has become abundantly clear to me that 99% of the detractors are most probably Posers who quite possibly dont even own Surface Pros. if they did then I would assume that the so called issue with the batery life of the Pro would never have been an issue at all. Anyone using laptops will tell you that 4.5-6hrs of use is absolutely on the high end of what any standard laptop battery will yield. why is it all of a sudden an issue with the Surface Pro. I will tell you why, POSERS, for some ungodly reason, are still insisting on comparing the Pro with ARM processing TABLETS. for goodness sakes people, APPLES AND ORANGES DAMNIT!!!!! Please stop being posers. If you have an Ifad and love it then say so, be proud, move on and stop trying to create issues where there is none. trust me when i tell you, the average Surface Pro owner is way to savy for you to convince them of of anything that does not follow logically. So, give up and stop wasting your time. Take that garbage to an Android Forum. PLEEEEEESE.

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