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Do you like the Surface Pro?


So far no major issues, so I like it. It does not replace my desktop and it wasn't purchased to do that. It was purchased to be a portable unit and with win 8 pro OS, I can remote into my desktop. There are some software issues that will be resolved. Biggest complaint, the battery.... short life and can't be user swapped out.


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i think you're probably going to find, in any forum, there's more bashing than praise, because most happy users don't bother posting. it's only the angry minority looking for somewhere to vent. just the nature of the beast.

Gary --

Funny how that works, aint it? I love mine, and am getting daily reports from Ladyfriend on her trip about how much she is enjoying hers.

Take care,


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I love the things that it does well and hate the stupid parts.

Mitchell --

Yeah, I do understand. I had that problem with previous ladyfriends. Perfection is just so hard to find, . . . . ., but I finally did.

Oh, yeah, I love my Surface Pro, too.

Take care,


yes, isn't it russ? i love mine. got one of my clients to get one and he says it's the best computer he's ever owned.


I had an old Acer netbook that I have handed down to my nephew. My SP has replaced it and I'm lovin' it. Granted, I'm not a gamer so that doesn't matter. I'm just a net surfer and Office user. I love the portability and detached type cover. I go from spreadsheets at my desk to browsing in my recliner with a simple snap. Works for me.

I went to the ATT store over the weekend to get a phone issue resolved and took it along to access my account. A small crowd gathered to take a look, including several employees. They were all impressed. I was using my Sierra mobile hotspot and I felt like a walking advertisement. Oh, and everyone wanted to hear the "click". LOL.
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I don't like it, I LOVE it.

I am also continually amazed by the interest shown in it by people I would have never thought would be: XP desktop users, seniors, people that barely know how to use a computer and geeks.


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Wow, I’m impressed. (Some of) You actually like it.

In reviewing many of the posts on this forum, it appears several users expected a lot more from this unit than what it is intended for. Or, at least, what my belief was it was intended for.

I never expected it to replace my primary unit; and it hasn’t. I never intended to set it up as a pseudo workstation, and I haven’t. I did hope it would be a very compact unit, and it is. I hoped it would run the majority of my existing applications, and it has (even runs my own developed utilities). And finally, I hoped it would not be slow, and it isn’t.

So, overall, this machine has exceeded my expectations.


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One of my first Core i5 tablet PCs was the Samsung Series 7 Slate. The audio hardware in this Surface Pro is categorically superior. Acoustic Spanish Guitar absolutely comes to life on my office desk.I think what I like most about moving out of laptops and into tablet PCs is the ability to just whip the tab out at an instant and act on an idea...no need for a laptop and a tablet anymore, just the SP. I'm kinda loving the cool factor too; Whip thus thing out in public and you can feel the tablet envy around you...The SP makes my past Ipads feel like a calculators. Now please don't get me wrong, all is not bliss in this land of Surface Pro ownership. if you're a nitpicking kind of person there are a few things which will absolutely drive you over a cliff:
1. the mag connecting mechanism on the charge port is less convenient than a standard jack due simply to the fact that instead of the magnetic connector finding the port itself, you are forced to because the design was a little less than perfect.
2. one of the vaporMg casing's claim to fame is its smoothness. this IMHO also creates a disadvantage. at just under 2 lbs. and with a build feel as solid as a proverbial tank (a good thing) the smoothness of the casing tends to diminish any confidence that the SP wont just slip out of your hands and smack the floor. and with nothing on the market but slip covers, I'm sorry to say we are stuck with no real options. other than a skin with a more tactile feel.
3. Although the screen is of Gorilla Glass, its a virtual playground for fingerprints. my Nokia 920 is the exact opposite.
4. the non existence of a drop-in docking station really gets my goat. I previously had a Samsung series 7 slate with the HDMI dock which allowed me to just drop the slate into its dock when I got home connecting it to my entire network for data as well as media streaming functionality to my basement network. why am I now forced to purchase a non Microsoft surface pro specific device to accomplish this.
I cant think of anything else to nit pick about and to be completely honest, only the truly anal retentive will allow any of the previous points to discourage them from purchasing an SP. it is by far the best tablet currently on the market for every single reason you could think of, if you don't believe me just test my conclusion by comparing any feature or functionality of any other tablet on the market with that of the Surface Pro... Plus the fact that its so damn cool...and please remember in you comparisons,; the SP is not just a tablet like an ipad or a Galaxy 10. The SP is a full blown Core i5 Processing Computer with a full 4GB or RAM, so it wont get 16 hrs. of battery life.


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I LOVE IT!! It does(almost) everything i want it to do. Only thing i need is a way to get my powermate or space navigator working properly, but that hopefully will come. Im using it as mainly a multimedia tablet more and more. got ripped blu rays on a passport. plays perfectly and looks great! can watch live tv and ondemand and am thinking about throwing Traktor Scratch Pro on it this weekend and play around with that. The final goal is to install it in my car to replace my headunit (removable of course).


You have to understand the frustrations of some SP users. It's not that this is a terrible device. It's that it could have been truly truly amazing but isn't because of intentional and ill conceived choices by MS. Read any of 100 reviews online and they will tell you the same thing - MS came close but just missed in the end.

So mine is a love-hate relationship. I love the things that it does well and hate the stupid parts. It's the fact that MS loves and is even most proud of the stupid parts that makes me nervous.

I believe that all important relationships are a mixture of love and hate, including those with cars, clothes, computers, etc. I love most of the features of the SP, otherwise I would have returned it and gotten my money back. The things that most reviewers focused on with their mostly negative reviews of the SP or the RT were that it is heavier, more expensive, and has less battery life than the iPad or an Android tablet. The counter argument to that is that the SP is a full computer and the RT runs almost all Office apps naively. The apps will come if the sales figures for the Surface justify the investment by the app makers.

I'm not sure what you consider the "stupid parts". I think there are design trade offs, but I find very little that I would have improved in the 1st gen SP. I was just running TeamViewer with a friend's SP. As I controlled her computer, transferred files, and played music, we had full video and audio all the time. I installed LibreOffice on her computer, wrote a test letter, and would have printed it if she had had her printer hooked into her SP. I will be able to do the same thing when she is in Italy in another month. One of the daily miracles that we often take for granted. Did I mention that all of this was free?


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I have had my SP for about 2 months now, and it is now my main computer. I do not do too much work on it, but it does allow my to remote in to my work computer when needed. I mostly watch movies and do some light gaming. I pretty much bring it with me everywhere.

I took this out on my plane ride of Asia, and everyone in my row wanted to touch and see what it was about...most of them said they will def consider it when they upgrade. They had both their iPads 3/4 along with their laptops, were pretty envious that they didn't have a SP! the dude next to me said that when he gets home his iPad/Laptop will be replaced with a SP. I hope he did. It put a smile on my face.

Also when i fired up Mass Effect 3 and it played with no hitch at all (albeit lower settings and resolution) they were pretty shocked.

This thing is amazing, hoping for an even better Surface 2. =)

also everyone complaining about battery life, I actually told them that the battery doesn't last nearly (around 4-6:30 hours depending one use) as long as a iPad, none of them seemed to care when they were looking at the 10.6" 1080p screen.

I put mine to 80% processor speed when traveling and it gives it an extra 30-40min of battery life, and it still ran mass effect 3 perfectly fine. I played the for almost 2 hours and also squeezed in a 2 hour 15 minute BluRay rip, with the enormous selection of movies on the plane and my phone with MP3, the first 5 hours of my 17 hour flight flew by =)
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