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Do you like the Surface Pro?


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Do you like the Surface Pro?

I ask because it appears many of the comments here are focused more on demeaning the Surface rather than admiring it. It seems a bit odd to come to a Surface forum and read so many negative remarks.

I wonder; is it simply that your expectations for the Surface were much higher than the end result? I ask because it seems there may be a large group that thought the Surface Pro was going to replace their desktop (side note: Desktop, really? That is so 2004-ish).

Well, even though it might be against the popular consensus here, don’t hate me but... I like the Surface Pro.

Just to clarify, I like it; I’m not IN-LOVE with it or anything like that. I mean, I guess it’s kinda cute; a little square though.

Well, that’s just my opinion... I could be wrong.


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Do you like the Surface Pro?

I ask because it appears many of the comments here are focused more on demeaning the Surface rather than admiring it. It seems a bit odd to come to a Surface forum and read so many negative remarks.
Could it not be a case of constructive criticism instead of "bashing"?


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DOS, the vast majority here love their Surface, Pro or RT. The negative comments mostly come from a vocal minority. There are shortcomings for sure whether in the Surface or Windows 8 but it only takes one person not getting their way on one small item to go into a rant. Sometimes it doesn't even have to do with the Surface or Windows 8, like freaking out about not being able to get one on release day and waiting a week due to supply shortages.

Specifically regarding desktop replacement yes, many are happy with the Surface Pro as a desktop replacement. Those that aren't tend to focus only on a few things. 1. There is no click in dock. 2. You may have to connect 3 cables to use as a desktop (power, displayport and USB). 3. The Surface does not change its scaling automatically for monitors. That's really about it.


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You have to understand the frustrations of some SP users. It's not that this is a terrible device. It's that it could have been truly truly amazing but isn't because of intentional and ill conceived choices by MS. Read any of 100 reviews online and they will tell you the same thing - MS came close but just missed in the end.

So mine is a love-hate relationship. I love the things that it does well and hate the stupid parts. It's the fact that MS loves and is even most proud of the stupid parts that makes me nervous.


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Um not ashamed to say I love mine. I use it for my DT all day with two external monitors. Don't miss the Start button, or don't have issues with the pen etc. Like mentioned above I small few with issues. But I think the majority love it more than not. jmo.... Sure I think it will get better as time goes on, new versions- software and hardware etc. But in its current state I am happy with it and with Win 8. I just wish there was a dam way to put a toggle on and off tile on the start screen. :cry:


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I think - aside from my ThinkPad(s) - the RT is one of the best machines I have bought thus far. A close second is the Nexus 10!!!


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have to chime in and say I really love my pro. I don't think it's uncommon to visit a board and hear complaints as many users come to boards like this to solve problems. think apple's antennagate for example. I think with many devices there are a good majority of happy users without major problems who thus don't feel the need to post on boards like this one.


i think you're probably going to find, in any forum, there's more bashing than praise, because most happy users don't bother posting. it's only the angry minority looking for somewhere to vent. just the nature of the beast.


Mine has been great. There's very little I don't like about it. I guess I just don't post much about the things that work as expected.


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As much as I appreciated it at the beginning - bought mine the first morning it went on sale, Feb. 9th, exactly 2 months ago today - I have to say, it gets better every day. It just works.

And it works with lightning speed. Man! That thing is fast!

Never fails to pick up a WiFi signal (I couldn't say that about any of my 3 iPads).

Does full-blown PC programs, including Office, of course, which is dazzling in a tablet-size device. This makes up for the fact that there are only a handful of apps that are any good, the vast majority are junk. But who cares? On this thing, apps are kittens, and the programs are lions.

Mine has never crashed, never given me BSOD, never failed to start, always reliable.

Fits on an airline tray (old joke).

Plays oh, so nice with periferals - mice, small external jump drives, big external hard drives, and especially displays (In hotel rooms I plug my Surface Pro into their big HDTVs).

And finally?

Chicks dig it.
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