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WiFi Issues after February Patch Tuesday


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Hi all,
I have just upgraded my Surface RT 32GB to the latest updates (February Patch Tuesday), and now my WiFi no longer works properly.

It will sometimes connect and work for a short period of time, but it always drops out (and goes to 'limited'), often while trying to load a web page.

Before the updates, the WiFi was generally reliable, just going to 'limited' on rare occasions.

Does anyone else have this issue/know how to fix it?

(The WiFi router I am using is an Apple Airport Express wireless N)


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Does anyone else have this issue/know how to fix it?

I can only report in the negative here. I noticed that the last updates included a Firmware update, but don't know what it covered. Somebody here might.

After installing all the updates, my RT-64 is still living in the 4-5 bar range. I am running a Cisco RE1000, repeating the signal from a Cisco EA4500. I am in 2.4Ghz, because the RE1000 doesn't do 5Ghz.

If you have a Restore Point prior to the Tuesday updates, you might try re-setting to it and see if it reclaims your earlier Wi-Fi performance. You can always re-install the updates afterward.

Good luck,


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For what it's worth - try forgetting your WiFi networks - then restart the Surface and reconnect to them.


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I have been having issues with it as well since the patch. I am setting 5 feet from the router and having only 3 bars, then the connection just seems to stop working randomly. Not doing it on any other devices, just the RT. Usually have to enable airplane mode and then reconnect, but that is only a temporary fix as the problem just comes around again after a few minutes


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I got limited on my work wifi after the update but just disconnected and reconnected and that fixed it for me.


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I don't have a way to fix it, but I'm having the same issue too. I've tried everything I can think of that's been recommended here and other places on the net, and it's still dropping every 15-30 minutes. Pretty irritating.


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I am having the same wifi issue with my surface pro. I will get the limited connection message and will have to disconnect and reconnect. Hope MS corrects this as it has been happening to me more often.


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No issues with Wifi as of now. Though having just got the RT, I applied all applicable updates (including those from the Desktop mode).