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Solved Zinio App - Other countries


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Hopefully a Zinio App via MS Store will come soon, besides IE access. Please correct me if there is related Zinio application, via the MS store, that I may have missed.

Your thoughts are welcome?

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They're pretty close to list price, the new app Current Edition (I think its what its called) allows for 80 magazines for 10/month. Which is good if you read enough them which I saw one I wanted to read.
I have a physical subscription and because of that the magazine emailed me an offer to get electronic subscriptions $5 for 12 issues. When I followed the link it was though Zinio. So at that special offer price it would have been very similar to standard subscription rates instead of the inflated digital subscription rates.
I LOVE Zinio.

I HATE Zinio.

May I explain?

I have used Zinio for years, and subscribed to Rolling Stone also, as well as Popular Photography, Digital Camera, and Popular Mechanics. I thought that they were all totally reasonable in terms of price. Loved it. Loved it on my PC, iPad, Android tablets, everything. A 5-hour flight was bliss, with Zinio and all those magazines.

But, the Zino app for our Windows 8 - meaning our Surfaces - is not in the same league as the one for iOS or Android. It's so bad, someone should go to jail.

First, you can download every magazine you subscribe to. And read them....but not like you read them on iPads and Android devices. Because there's no 'pinch to zoom' function. Instead, there's a '+' sign - which magnifies it to a level Zinio chooses...not you. It's like it was designed to be on an old PC, not a touch-capable device.

Also, MAN do they pepper you with ads for magazines you don't want. But hey, in today's culture, ads are everywhere, so that's understood.

BUT - as for your magazines? The ones you actually paid for? You'd better read them during the same session in which you downloaded them. Because....

When you actually get on the plane, crank it up, and go to Zinio, and you will find a message saying' You can't read this until you've downloaded it.'

Ummm...already did.

And then, 'and you can't download it because you have no internet access.'

So, on a flight, you have ZERO magazines to read.

I can't tell you how bad this is. So bad, I rely on my Galaxy Note 2 to use Zinio.

This is not a Surface Problem - it's Zinio, rushing out a quick, dirty and worthless version of the software, which only works reliably if you're on WiFi. Oh, and then, of course, Zinio brags about how they're Win8 compatible.

The good news is, if you already have Zinio subscriptions, it won't cost you anything extra to try it on the Surface. But if you want to use it w/o wifi? Have a backup plan...because it will fail you every time.
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Are you sure you're using the Windows 8 app from the Windows store and not the Adobe Air app? I'm using the Zinio app right now with no Wifi on my Surface Pro. I've quit the app to make sure it didn't have magazines cached in memory and it works fine. I can browse my library and view magazines that I downloaded previously.
I'm having logging in issues with the app. Based on the reviews this is happening more lately. Anyone else?
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am I the only one with this problem? Zinio is one of my most used apps on my surface. thanks.
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I've mostly stopped using Zinio, I only have two mag subscriptions left on it, this months were already read, I will check....please hold :)
Turned off WiFi and mags recently downloaded fired right up.

Those with issues might want to check app settings for WiFi auto download.