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Disappointed, but hopeful


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First off, I am a technology addict and not a fanboy of any brand. That said, I was (still kinda am) rooting for Microsoft on this one. I pre-ordered the Surface as soon as it became available, and when MS screwed up my order, I stood in line to buy a Surface. I - really - want - this - to - be- a - revolutionary - device.

That said, I feel that MS has let me down. Or maybe I am the exception, but allow me to elaborate:

  • Performance is extremely sluggish in some apps, like the mail app (of all the things, yeah I know). Performance is so poor that the mail app is almost unusable when I want to quickly compose and reply to emails. I reinstalled the app many times and that didn’t work.
  • I finally did a 'PC refresh' and was in the process of applying updates, when the process hung and I had to restart the device and go through everything all over again.
  • Applications sometimes exit unexpectedly
  • Games stutter and are not smooth
  • IE is terrible. Text boxes in forms are weird and composing is a nightmare because the text seems to disappear in the left margin.

I don't care that the app store is still starting to grow and that all my favorite apps have not yet been written for RT. Those will come in time. My problems are platform specific. If the platform isn't solid then nothing will stand on it.

I am still going to hold on to my Surface and hope that between advice I get on the forums and software updates from MS, things will get better.
Mine was sluggish to start but its been getting better with each update that they have released. The only game I've had any trouble with is Adera and it only did it until the first update. I'm sure with time and a few more updates they will be able to get it up to snuff.
the only app ive been shicked by is jetpack joyride, its very stuttery. my old 3gs plays it smooth as butter. hopefully it will improve
Windows 8 RT v 1.1 will probably take care of a lot of the issues, (and possibly introduce others). ;)

They do seem to be trying. Don't forget that anyone with a Surface at this point is an early adopter.
After Reading a post from Hal Branson and some reactions wrote by mods in the ms-answer forums, it seems they're really trying to catch up and publish a lot of promising updates. At the moment it sometimes feels like beta or a slow phone, but if they're loosen some restrictions for developers, this thing will transform from a nice toy to a decent machine. No laptop or iPad, just a thing they promised in the first place. So at the moment I'm optimistic. Thing is: We have to keep making pressure, so they'll acknowledge the real problems and fix them.
If they would only try as hard with the desktop Windows 8 ;)

Microsoft listened when developing Win7 and ignored some of the same people when working on Win8