1. digiraiter

    Touch won't work if you use Pen

    Hello I think I'm facing a Problem when I installed Photoshop, I noticed that Touch Gestures won't work if I use Pen After using pen, I must wait 5~10 Sec for Touch to get Active again First I thought it's a Problem in Photoshop Settings then I noticed that it's like that in entire windows for...
  2. P

    Pen Battery Finally Ran Out

    Just wanted to chime in to say that my SP4 pen mysteriously stopped working while taking some notes during a meeting on Monday. I went without my pen for 2 more days while waiting for some AAAA batteries to arrive from Amazon (got 8 for $5.40 CAD) and just changed the battery now. Pen is working...
  3. C

    Problem with surface pen

    Can anyone tell how to fix a problem when pen is writing with gap missing some parts of line, like in screenshot below? Already reconnected pen, also checked battery and button, everything is correct besides gaps.
  4. P

    Surface Pen connected but not working correctly

    Hey guys, I have a really stupid problem, my Surface Pen is connected about Bluetooth, but when I press the Button to open OneNote or take a screenshot or something else, than it happens nothing. Some time everything is fine, but mostly nothing happens. The interesting thing is, the Pen is...
  5. D

    Pen pressure help needed

    I recently got a Surface Pro 4. I paired my pen, and when testing the pen pressure, (Surface > Pen > Test your pen sensitivity below) it works fine. However, whenever I use a paint program (FireAlpaca, Paint Tool SAI, Medibang, Clipstudio, Krita. Yes, I've tried all of these), I use the pen...
  6. G

    Deactivating context menu

    Hello everbody, i am going insane. I keep activating the context menu of Microsoft OneNote (2016) while laying my hand on the screen, which makes me unable to write something with the pen! This happens at least 25-30 times per minute and slows me down a lot! Its so annoying! Any tips on...
  7. Z

    Brand new SP4. Pen doesn't write

    I just got my SP4 yesterday, and it worked wonderfully. Me being curious I removed the battery cap. Now the pen doesn't work anymore. The back button (eraser button) still works, and the pen still pairs to my SP4, but it doesn't move the cursor, and it doesn't write. Did I break the pen or can I...
  8. iliketoys

    Surface Pen Doesn't Open Windows Ink

    I searched a bit and didn't see this topic covered but wanted to see if anyone has seen a fix. After the Anniversary Update, my Surface Pen works as usual but the eraser button doesn't consistently call up the Ink menu or One Note. I've tried uninstalling the pen drivers and forgetting and...
  9. C

    Photoshop & pen issue

    Hi y'all! I just signed up and need some help. Any information you have I appreciate. I am considering getting a Surface to do photo editing using photoshop. Currently I use an iPad Pro but the only version of PS I can use on there is an abbreviated APP version that does not do everything the...
  10. H

    Touch Screen + Pen

    Hello! I use Surface 4 - from the beginning i had troubles with the pen. Its not possible to make lines without breakes - so terrible to mark texts. And the Touchscreen sometimes doeant work at all when I use Chrome browser - and sometimes only with pen but not finger :( Does anyone else have...
  11. A

    Surface Pro 3 with Windows 10 - pen is not working

    Hi, Did you encounter this issue? Just upgraded the Surface Pro 3 to Windows 10 before the free upgrade deadline. The upgrade went thru fine but he pen is not working. I can only double click on the purple button twice to launch the Note program but I can't use the pen as a mouse at all. I...
  12. T

    Problem with pen input in Excel 2013

    I'm using Excel 2013 on my surface with a pen. I've found that it's very handy to walk around while using the pen to fill in a spreadsheet of readings. However, every time I move to a new cell and begin writing with the "pen keyboard", the first stroke disappears and the interpretation (almost...
  13. M

    Alternative Stylus?

    I was wondering if this stylus works for the Surface Pro 2? Wacom Bamboo Stylus Feel for Galaxy Note Black: Computers & Accessories I just got a hold of a Surface Pro 2 and need to get a stylus that would be suitable for drawing, and the Wacom Bamboo Feel Carbon is a steep $80, so I...
  14. S

    Surface Pen - Word, Excel Annotating

    Running into an issue with Surface Pen when annotating (inking) in either Microsoft Word 2016 and/or Excel 2016. When touching the pen to the screen and making an annotation, the document is marked in a completely different area of the screen nowhere close to where the pen is touching the...
  15. L

    Handwriting Panel Not Working in SP4

    Hi I've been using a Surface Pro 3 Windows 8.1 for 12 months now and the handwriting panel is brilliant. However, I've just got a Surface Pro 4 Windows 10 and the handwriting panel isn't available - it's greyed out. I've searched the web to find a way to turn it on but can't find anything...
  16. P

    Pen-Button doesn't open OneNote

    Hi there, So i bought the Surface Pro 3 a while ago and there is one thing that bothers me a little. I thought i read somewhere that you can open OneNote by pressing the button on top of the Pen. But that doesn't work for me. In fact, pressing the Button doesn's do anything which makes it kinda...
  17. Blackbird002

    Disable Task View (left-handed pen user)

    Hello fellow surface users, I currently using a Surface Pro 4 running windows 10. I am left-handed, so I write with my left hand. This presents a problem when writing because of Windows 10's task view function. If you swipe from the left edge of the screen to the right, task view shows up and...
  18. D

    Handwriting experience: "keyboard handwriting" vs OneNote

    Hi Guys, First, a quick prelude, then a question. Basically, I need to make a lot of hand-written notes (research), and I wanted to use my surface pro 4 for that. The handwriting experience in OneNote is really bad, I think: my handwriting looks horrible, there is half-second lag, etc...
  19. B

    SP4 Pen use in Word

    Is there a work-around to use the pen as a pointer/mouse in Word 2016? It wants to just draw. I understand that MSFT is aware and actively working on a switch for the user to select either draw or mouse, but I do not think it has been issued at this point.
  20. T

    Poll More Pen options?

    Let's face it. Microsoft released a Professional product with an average pen/stylus. Problems with jitter, tapering, hover lag etc, makes Surface Pro 4 look weak for professional use by artists. They jitter especially is a known issue that becomes more apparent when drawing slowly. I did a...