surface 3

  1. B

    Randomly Pressing Task View Button

    Hey everyone, I have been having this problem where my mouse moves itself to the task view button and starts pressing it multiple times a second. I have no idea why it is doing this. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  2. R

    Sync Outlook 2013 to Surface

    As the title states I am looking to sync my work email which I use Outlook for to my surface. My email set up is fairly confusing and as a small business we don’t have an ideal configuration. Basically what we have is a google email and are using a POP3 set up to send those emails to outlook...
  3. S

    Anniversary Update on Surface 3 - Y / N ?

    For me, at least, updates to my Surface 3 have been kind of hit-or-miss. One update screwed up the sound, another WiFi, another the dock with an external monitor. Now the "Anniversary Update" is coming along with a massive patch following immediately. I'm wondering if I should wait a week or so...
  4. S

    WiFi Fails to Start Periodically

    Ever since the last firmware update on my Surface 3, I've had problems where WiFi fails to start. This problem persists even if I reboot or cycle power. The fix at first was to roll back the driver and now I have to uninstall the device and allow it to reinstall. Any suggestions how I may get...
  5. F

    Factory Reset Switches off Surface 3

    Hi all, I just bought a 2nd hand Surface 3. Before using it I wanted to do a full reset that wipes the drive. I choose the full wipe option in the recovery options and I was expecting the Surface 3 to reboot and begin the long wipe, instead it turned itself off. When I realised it had done this...
  6. P

    Using Surface pen with Surface 3 and Office 2016

    I like the Surface Pen that came with my Surface 3 package and the fact that I can use it both for pointing and for drawing. However, when in Office 2016 programs, it is always in draw mode. How can I switch it to point mode in an Office 2016 program? I cannot find a button on the Office ribbon...
  7. ShadowHunter007

    Surface 3 Pro screen freeze, but Spotify and Cortana still work

    Hello everyone! I'm having a problem with my Surface Pro 3 I3 4gb 64GB SSD. It freezes. A lot. And it is annoying as hell. What happens is that when I'm just doing my regular stuff, browsing the internet, uploading files to OneDrive, clearing up my library, stuff like that, all of a sudden my...
  8. C

    Doesnt Start

    Hey Guys iam new to this Forum, Since the last Update i made my Surface doesnt start, I tried every Solution on the Microsoft Site, but my Problem isnt on that Site as well. When i press the Startbutton my Surface 3 Blacklight turns on and turned off again in a Loop nothing else happens...
  9. S

    Can any one share recovery image for surface 3 lte model (Surface3_BMR_10_10.34.0)

    Can any one share original recovery image win 10 version (Surface3_BMR_10_10.34.0) for surface 3 lte model? I was trying to download it from Microsoft and server speed is so slow that I was unable to download it completely for weeks. it always stuck at some points and Microsoft links are not...
  10. S

    Surface 3 Poor quality & poor support

    I currently own my 4th Surface 3. The prior three all had different manufacturing defects. First, the keyboard stopped connecting. Microsoft replaced the device. Then the audio jack stopped working on the replacement. Microsoft replaced the Surface 3 again. Then the AC plug stopped working...
  11. P

    Volume buttons active when explorer.exe turned off

    Hi! I run my Surface 3 program in single app mode. I mean I replaced explorer.exe shell by MyApp.exe. The problem is, that when explorer is switched off, the volume buttons are not working. Do you know if it is somehow possible, eg making own script. I'm using Win 8.1 Thanks a lot!
  12. B

    Surface 3 warranty

    Hello everyone! I recently bought a Surface 3, I used is for my studies and I was really happy with it. Unfortunately after some time I noticed yellow tinting on the right of the screen and an array of colored pixels visible on a black background. I wasn't able send it in for service because I...
  13. L

    Surface 3 Unlock Issue

    Hey guys, I'm new year (as you can see with my low post count haha). I am a power user in the windows world, but don't know what's causing this. Basically, the screen won't unlock. I can slide up the image with my finger, keyboard or pen, but can't type in my password unless I hold down the...
  14. W

    Making of the Surface Pro 3/4 leather sleeve case.

    Happy New Year Everyone! I just want to share my video of me making the Surface Pro 3/4 leather sleeve case. I hope you like it :)
  15. B

    BSOD Multiple monitors (3 or more)

    Hey, I need help for a friend with his Surface 3 Pro (Windows 10 all updated) FYI I am very tech savvy, however not completely expert on Surfaces. Back to the problem. My friend is using his Surface everywhere. On the go and in the office. When he is working in the office, he would very much...
  16. R

    Type Cover 2 doesn't work after reattaching to Surface 3

    I have a type cover 2 and Surface 3 which both work fine when booted up together. But if I disconnect and then reconnect the keyboard it no longer works. In Device Manager I can see that the Surface Type Cover Filter Device doesn't come back after reattaching. Running Win10 with all updates...
  17. M

    GPS Hardware / Software for Surface 3?

    I received a Surface 3 (not pro) for Christmas this year, but I am afraid I will have to return it because of the lack of GPS. The main thing I need it for is locating real estate parcels. I use Google Maps / Earth extensively. I need to enter GPS points, draw polygons to show where the parcels...
  18. J

    SPro3 Charging problems!

    Here's the deal, My surface is less than a year old and my charger began getting faulty (or so i thought) it just didn't charge then did, then didnt until it completely went. I thought this was my surface, a driver problem of some sort in which i was sent a replacement but then to be told they...
  19. M

    Maps App Slow / Lag

    Hi Folks! I have a Surface 3 128GB LTE. It came with Windows 10 pre-installed and have all the updates. I love it! I've really only had one problem. I use it as a tablet replacement and travel laptop, and one important feature to me is the maps app. Generally it works fine, except that on...