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  1. sharpuser

    HowTo Enable Desktop Background Wallpaper Slideshow with Windows 10

    DESKTOP BACKGROUND WALLPAPER SLIDESHOW with WINDOWS 10 Update: (Windows 10 now allows this functionality in Settings, Personalize, Background, change to "Slideshow", but individual pictures cannot be selected. For that, select multiple pictures from File Explorer, right-click, Set as desktop...
  2. sharpuser

    HowTo Share Your Wallpaper With Yourself - Desktop Backgrounds

    Desktop backgrounds are back. Pictures also known as Windows wallpaper, screen backgrounds, or desktop images, are becoming popular on Windows and OS X (Apple) computers, especially since the return of the Start Button with Windows 10, and the advent of Tablet PCs. Social media websites make...
  3. R

    Solved Unable to boot from USB device (Linux Mint 17)

    I've gone through a bunch of resources online to figure out how to install Mint 17 Cinnamon along side Win10 on the surface book. From what I can tell it should be possible without major issues (outside of probably touch screen compatibility and maybe some other driver issues). I've been unable...
  4. C

    SP3 + Win 10 + Office 2016 -> Missing Ribbon\Text

    Hi All, I'm running Surface Pro 3 with Windows 10, Office 2016 365 Pro and continual having Outlook windows losing the ribbon and various icons. I have been living with it for the last few weeks but wanted to know if anyone else was experiencing the same issue. I have attached a screen shot of a...
  5. B

    Login problem with screen detached

    Is there a way to login to Windows 10 with the Surface Book screen detached from the keyboard? The lock screen says press CTRL+ALT+DEL or Windows Button+Power Button. However there is no Windows Button and I can't get passed this screen to enter login information without attaching the...
  6. A

    Battery won't charge to 100% any more

    Recently, my Surface Pro 3 has stopped charging to 100%. For example, last night, I powered it off (used Shut Down from the Start Menu, not simply closing the keyboard case or putting it in sleep mode) and left it on the charger for 9 hours. It was at 90% this morning when I booted it up while...
  7. jefhart

    SP2 won't power off

    I've been running 10 since it came out and haven't had any issues so far. But I'm not sure whether this is a problem with 10 or the unit itself. I use my Surface at home and work. Generally I take it home, throw it in the dock, then in the morning power it down and take it out of the dock...
  8. Donald King

    Win10 on Sp3 ... deactivated?

    So I upgraded my SP3 some months ago when Windows 10 came out. Everything has been great. However, today it displayed on the desktop the message in the lower right corner: "Activate Windows Go to Settings to activate Windows". I go to settings, and it says my product key does not work. It...
  9. P

    Remote desktop connection surface pro 3

    Sp3 windows 10, I want to use handwriting recognition on my remote desktop connection Windows Server 2012 r2
  10. N

    SP3 Win10 Edge Tablet Performance Post (moved by Mod) RESOLVED

    Posted my SP3 TABLET issues, especially Edge speed. Comparing the speed of my i5 128/4 Win 10 SP3 to a Z 3795 Win 8.1 Atom tablet got the post moved to the Lenovo thread. I looked at Edge History, for some reason, and discovered I had NO HISTORY. A little searching found the problem and a...
  11. majorgearhead

    Solved Favor to ask of someone who just got a SP3 with Windows 10 preinstalled

    I am looking for someone who has recently purchased an SP3 that came with Windows 10 from the factory to go into Settings->System->Power & sleep and tell me if you see both a Screen and a Sleep section or just one or the other. Trying to determine if they optimized the image to remove the...
  12. N

    My 8.1 Lenovo Atom is a blazingly better TABLET than my 10 SP 3 i5

    Caveat: This is not a discussion of desktop, laptop or Surface-with-keyboard-and-mouse, which is clearly superior to Vista/XP/7 and 8 school and business use. Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet 10 128/4 W8.1 64 Pro (more or less the same as a Surface3) vs Windows 10 SP3 i5 same 128/4 plus SSD. Takes 8...
  13. J

    Surface Pro 3 Swipe/Touch Gestures disappeared

    Ever since I have installed the Win10 upgrade on my SP3, Touch gestures such as swiping from the right side of the screen to bring up the action center has disappear after a few update patches have been installed. I’ve already tried to reset the surface with a fresh windows 10 installed, these...
  14. B

    Switch between Tablet mode and Desktop as hoped

    When the device is turned on and you attach or detach the keyboard or docking station, the device switches nicely from Tablet to Desktop mode or vice versa. Now, when you turn off the device, detach it from the keyboard (or vice versa when powered off as Tablet) and turn it on again, it...
  15. CrazyRex

    Surface Pro 3 won't turn on

    Hi everyone, I hope someone could help me here, cuz I'm starting to feel wicked crazy. Yesterday, I turned off my Surface Pro 3 as I do almost everyday. It has been on Windows 10 for a week or two. It never crashed before and went pretty smooth til today. This morning while at work, I tried to...
  16. G

    Minor changes

    I love my SP3, however windows 10 is ruining it for me. There are a few features that I miss from 8.1, if anyone knows of a way to incorporate these into 10 I'd appreciate the help. 1. I can no longer check the battery life or the time/date when I swipe from the right side of the screen to...