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A couple of questions..


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Hi. I've just bought recently bought the 64GB Surface RT and really like it, however have just a couple of questions.
1) Is there any kind of wordpress or blogging app?
2) I saw someone mention in a previous thread that the Lite Photoshop app was their favourite app; I can't seem to find this app?

Thanks. :)


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There is no Photoshop of any version available for the RT. I use Fotor, and previously, Fhotoroom, perhaps this is the one? Fotor is superior in every aspect, and it can process RAW files. I maintain a few blogs on Wordpress and Blogger. I simply use the browser for this.


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I have a few websites that are updated via my browser. They all work on my Surface RT. I'm not familiar with Wordpress or blogging but if you update them through a traditional Windows PC browser then the Surface RT should work just as well. I'm talking about web-based programs of course...


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Ah okay, thanks for this. I have already downloaded Fotor so hopefully this should suffice. It's a shame they don't have a specific app for wordpress but I guess the browser should work fine until there is one.