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Any ideas what sort of updates will happen tomorrow 10/14/14??


at least 2 0day exploits have been reported and Microsoft must be working hard on it....

Just noticed this sentence on the official update history release note page

October 2014 updates
We will release an update for Surface Pro 3 in the coming weeks to further improve Wi-Fi connectivity and include other fixes.

When did they put this on the release notes? Anyone remember?


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Ya, a little underwhelmed. Just got back from class and I had a total of 12 security updates that installed--no firmware. Oh well. On the plus side, the updates installed quickly and without any issues. So that's a good thing, right? Not sure what the delay is on the Intel HD graphics update, but I guess I will just be patient and let MS release it when it's ready. I have been lucky enough to see enhanced performance on my i7 256 from the last 2 firmware updates so I think somewhere in my mind I'm thinking that the next firmware update will be the magical update to make my SP3 the MOST POWERFUL MACHINE IN THE WORLD!!! Bwaaahahahahaha!! ;)


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Hmmm, I haven't received an update for my Surface Pro I for some time. Just checked ... last system update was 9/24/2014.

Other than that, all my update history shows is failed dictionary updates. I have < never > been able to get the dictionary to update on the Surface although it works fine on this desktop.

Perhaps because my Surface Pro I doesn't need any updates?
That would be strange.

I go into Control Panel and use Windows Updates and have it check for updates but it says there are none.

This is what I got on my SP1. Although specific to my configuration, it might provide some common denominators. Hope this helps

Arizona Willie

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Ok, this morning I got 15 updates for the Surface Pro I and 19 updates for my desktop both running 8.1.

And then the SPI promptly threw up an error box that something had quit running.