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can't wait to buy surface pro 4


i don't bother to wait since i will be missing all the good moments with sp3. hehehe.

Whatever on the net right now on sp4 is either rumor or speculations.

When the time comes and sp4 is good enough to warrant the purchase, then i will go for it.


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I might cave if its thinner, lighter, and has better battery.

my wishlist too. I hope they do not keep it the same thickness just for Dock compatibility (they could always sell a spacer). though thinness is OK for me now, would be happy if they got it to a pound and a half


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I wouldn't expext a 4 to happen until Windows 10 is released, which is likely going to be around September/October.
I think you're right, but I'd peg windows 10 to be "finalized" in July so that they can get all of the beginning college buyers.


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You guys like the short iteration cylces of the Surface Pro? I'd much rather have something like 2 years between versions so I don't feel like I'm stuck with an obsolete machine when version x comes out xx months later.

Deryl McCarty

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Certainly 16GB on the floor is certainly nice but I would probably still opt for a 256 drive that I could add up to a 512 Gb with an SDXC micro.

I was thinking however, that the recently available 4.5 watt fanless Broadwells with a 2GHz base freq turbo'd to 3.0Ghz would be helpful. And with a Broadwell in the same form factor as the current SP3, you retain the use of the current MS Docking Station etc and get 25% more life (so Intel says) off the battery that already exists, though I suspect better/bigger batteries may be available for the slightly larger space afforded by going to a fanless 14nm chip vice the current 22nm fanned iCore 3, 5, 7.

Were I Panos Panay's team I would not opt to change much else. We could argue about additional USBs or switching from MDP to HDMI or whatever ... but the design compromises already made we have all adapted to. And changing them inserts additional hardware and software risks that we just can't afford to take when we also have Win 10 to adjust to at the same time. You do get a bit of a graphics boost with the Broadwell's associated GPU, but once again I would not change much to accommodate 60FPS gamers, for example, when the machine is more general or business oriented. OTOH I could see trimming the blacken screen around the bezel maybe back about .25" and that would give us an effective screen size of close to 13 using the same form factor and use the upgraded GPU to power it with the same pixels per inch at 3:2 as is now the case.

Just my $00.02


To me, i dun mind the fan on the sp3. At least i know there is a fan to help with the ventilation. The sp4 might b getting thinner with better battery life, if powered by a fanless broadwell, but fanless cpu with a better gpu still generate heat in a cramp chasis.

Even more so when surface usage is more towards enterprise rather than light entertainment as a tablet. I think i read a review of an ultrabook equipped with a broadwell cpu but with a fan installed. I could have misread but manufacturer could be trying to play safe too.

Just my opinion


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The SP4 will always be a powerhouse in a slim form factor so I don't see fanless Broadwell in this line.

I do however see maybe a smaller model with Broadwell M and fanless, thinner with a smaller screen. It will probably replace the Surface 2 which seems to be facing an uncertain future as far as new WinRT models are concerned.

I do like the large screen but portability is important too and the SP3, if anything, isn't quite as portable as I would like. I liked the size of the SP2 better in some ways. Mind you it is all a compromise as the bigger screen has obvious advantages.

I still use my iPad Air 2 as a tablet as it is just so very light and thin but it gets used for music, Foxtel Go and web browsing, emails and a few apps whereas the SP3 gets used for any serious work


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If an update to an SP4 comes out relatively soon, I'm wondering if the form factor will be exactly the same as the SP3. It's been widely reported that the SP4 would work with all existing accessories, so assuming that's true, for example, a thinner case would not work with the docking station or a change in form would not work with existing keyboards.

Just my opinion, but my thought is newer processors (Broadwell or something else), more memory and SSD options, and improvements to the hardware internally. Maybe even a better screen and battery improvements, and another USB port?