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I'm I the only one that seldom uses the tiles?


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What is Continuum? I've heard that mentioned a few times around the web.
It is the Service that is going to be sent out in one of the Updates between now in the Consumer Preview that senses the keyboard and mouse attachment's connection status and switches between the Desktop Mouse/Keyboard UI and Touch UI.


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I like the MUI interface a lot. The only time I use the desktop side of things is for Office and when I try to learn how to use Inkscape. I find the tiled interface both colourful and informative at least for the things that I use. Like some, I also consider the MUI interface as a Start Menu, which I find convenient. This is the reason I really liked the Surface 2.

I am also looking forward to the MUI version of Office. However, I do hope it is as full featured as the desktop version of Office and not some neutered version.


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Windows 10 will allow users to use (Desktop + Start Menu) or (Start Screen / Desktop switching). The latter of these is the Windows 8.X scheme.

Continuum is the architecture which allows a single OS to sense whether it is running on a tablet (touch) device, a non-tablet (non-touch) device, or a hybrid (such as Surface Pro). This automatic context will switch from the two schemes I mentioned above as needed with Windows 10, unless the user wants to deliberately force one mode.

I think that is a good idea - letting users decide. Windows 9 was heading to be more of the same argument between the Metro people and the Desktop people. Windows 10 lets them configure and drive the vehicle they like.


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I suppose I fall somewhere in the "middle." I use the desktop with no problem, and I use the MUI for various purposes. Some MUI apps are adequate for their intended purpose, but some clearly need more attention and work. The People app and Mail app come to mind. I use them regularly, rather than (for the most part) the more fussy Outlook, but they need some more features to make them truly useable everyday situations - I don't mean as robust as Outlook is but with the obvious holes filled in so that they can better fulfill their function as uncluttered mail and contact applications. Based upon what I'm reading about W10 it sounds like it might be that marriage between desktop and MUI that will truly be the OS for whatever one prefers.


Continuum is where it's at.

Personally, I get along with MUI on a tablet that's being used as a tablet. Since I use my SP3 mostly like a desktop, I want the full desktop experience. Continuum is a great idea, switching dependent on keyboard connected or not would be awesome for example.

As somebody said before, most MUI things feel neutered. Great for consuming, too much fumbling around for most serious work (except OneNote or Drawboard PDF maybe).

Just my 0.02 $.