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New sp3: recommend antivirus?

The pre-installed Windows Defender is actually pretty good, I use that and scan with Malwarebytes and Spybot once a week (both programs are free and you can get them on CNET downloads).


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Everyone will tell you different. If you get anything mildly serious on your PC, Defender won't cut it.

My personal favourite is AVG Internet Security.


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I use Nod32 anti-virus only, not the suit program. And for IE and testing unsure or trial programs, I use sandboxie to sandbox it.

Few weeks ago, before I got NOD32, I was browsing some random website with IE running in sandboxie, a page popped up with an unclosable window telling me to for me to pay and enter the verification code to unlock the window. I use sandboxie to terminate the sandboxed IE and cleared the sandbox contents, then reopen IE and all is fresh and new. Highly recommended!
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I had forgotten about sandboxie. I used it a few years ago then got VMware. Are there any issues with sandboxie on Win 8.1? Sorry, slightly OT, but had to ask. :D


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For some time I used Microsoft Security Essentials on Win7 and the Defender on Win8/8.1. So on the SFP3 it will also be only Defender. I never had a virus problem. But ok, I´m not using warez or surfing on suspicious websites.


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I was 100% happy with Windows Defender but needed something better for my sons Windows 7 desktop.

He is a clicking machine and has zero computer safety awareness. A recent malware scan on his PC listed somewhere in the neighborhood of 120 infections.. YIKES!

I decided to just format his PC and start fresh. I tired several anti virus programs for a few days each and ultimately decided on purchasing Webroot. Since it came with a license for 3 PC's I also tossed it on my SP3.

I think Windows Defender is fine if you don't go crazy on the PC. If you have suspect browsing habits, then something more powerful might be a good idea..

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