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San disk 64GB problem?


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If i put videos/music on my san disk in a new folder and try to include the new folder, ie click Library Tools -- Manage Library -- Add -- New folder on san disk, it says, This folder cant be included because it is on a removable device..D:/videos

So does anyone know how to get past this?
So does anyone know how to get past this?

Pick your poison- a) Junctions or Mounted volumes

Junctions will be good for flat, i.e., no sub folders, organization. The Music and Video app will work fine. The Photo app will not, i.e., grey sub folders. If hierarchical storage is required, use mounted volumes. The posted URL will help get by on either.
ok i did what yeewiz link said, and it seem to work but the videos do not show up in 'my videos, i have to click 'open file' then click on the video and click 'open'

How do i get the videos to show up in 'my videos?