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SP3 Dock is GREAT, but I just thought of something that would make it PERFECT!


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I have to deal with this issue on apple product development. Like apple I'm sure MS owns the patent to the connector and as soon as the device reaches a critical mass sell MS will start a licensing program to develop accessories. Then charge per connector, per chip set charge and a MOQ projection it's a harsh world for accessories manufactures. That's why non proprietary connectors are sooooo much better.
The magnet is kind of cool though.

+1 for people who are loving their dock. I think it's a nice piece of engineering. I'm having no trouble with any of the connectors, including the mini display port.

My "wish list" is this:
- a couple USB's on the front so I don't have to turn the unit around or walk behind it to temporarily plug something in
- at least a few degrees of titlt option. I'm spoiled by the kickstand!



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What would make mine perfect would be
1) it charges the surface when inserted
2) the mini displayport actually works
Neither of which are the case. POS is going back Monday.

I had the same problem with mine. I disconnected all peripherals from the back so I only had the power connector connected. It then worked and started downloading updates.


The pins wouldn't be patented. There are 20 of them in a row, the top 3 and bottom 3 being used for power, leaving 14 pins in the center for everything else. The challenge would be all the chips/electronics you don't see, embedded in the dock, that manage those 14 pins. There is also more than likely a chip in the standard power supply to manage the 6 pins.

Zog1971, it's a great idea and one that never occurred to me. So kudos to you for thinking of it. If the connector looked just like the power cord, then the industrial design possibilities would be endless. The "dock" could be flat and the same dimensions as the SP3, allowing it to be easily transported with the SP3 to meetings. This would allow for expansion slots for things like a GPU, hard drive and a hot-swap battery.
That would a killer add-on for sales teams that have to do demos at prospect/customer locations (like I used to do). The whole thing would fit in a backpack and one could work on the finishing touches in the car passenger seat or on the plane/bus/train.
I like it. MS you listening?


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I'd bet my bottom dollar that Microsoft comes out with a Zogcable. It's a great idea. So or some of the other options that might be made to adapt the Zogcable to. If nothing else, it would be a great support tool to use with OneNote. Listening Microsoft?