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The Official "I've Got My Surface" Thread!


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As the titles states, let us know if your a proud new owner of the Microsoft Surface!
My 64GB Surface arrived via FedEx. I'm setting it up now. It seems nice and shiny. I don't have anything else to say about it at this point.
I pre-ordered 10/17 but Microsoft is unable to tell me when my 32GB will ship. I ended up getting mine at the Microsoft Store. I love the build quality, still exploring...
I went out of my way to go back to the area I live to pick up my Surface at the FEDEX office. I rushed back to work even though I was on lunch anyways. Setting it up now. Remember, if you want custom settings on the Surface, remember to turn off the syncing settings. I looks so nice!!!
Mine's all setup, personalized and cozy. If you have another Windows 8 machine all your settings just sync. It's sweet. Now to give this thing some real attention.
I received mine around Noon today and have been testing it out since. I'm very disappointed at this point and hoping you all might be able to walk me back from the edge. Here are my frustrations:

1) I use Comcast for my personal e-mail. My WinPhone and iOS systems work with this account no problem. But Surface cannot be set up to work with this account because WinRT apparently won't allow POP accounts. I am completely aghast at this situation, brand new tablet and I can't use it for e-mail! Microsoft suggested I access through the web. Tried it, but every time I click on a check box next to an e-mail to delete multiple mails, it pulls up the keyboard. This is not a satisfactory solution.
2) Xbox Music integration -- when I queue music from my tablet to the XBox, it leaves the Music app environment and goes to Smartglass. Problem is that Music functionality in Smartglass is very, very limited (about all you can do is pick an artist and it decides what you listen to). This is a major step back from what I could do with Zune, and what I can do with my iPad/iTunes and AirPlay enabled receiver.
3) HydroThunder is just horrible on Surface. It cost $10! Frame rate stutters a lot, which makes controls horrible.

Other than Weather, these are the first things I tried out and I have been in a state of disbelief with the limitations in each case. Battery is dead now, thank God because I need a break from this thing. I really want to love it, and I knew it was going to be somewhat of a beta device. I enjoy the tiles and have no problem at all navigating the OS. But I'm afraid the deeper I dig into the apps at this point, the more frustration I'm going to find.