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The Official "I've Got My Surface" Thread!

I have been waiting for this tablet since apple came out with the first ipad. I knew MS had to respond. After the success of the ipad, which I was very pleased with( because I purchased my wife and two kids one each), I only had to wait patiently. Then behold! It came. It is well worth the wait. Nothing else comes close. Generation 2 should be very interesting.
Arrived yesterday, non available in the UK from MS but found one on ebay with type keyboard slightly cheaper than the MS store. So far like it very much, had iPads and android tablets like it very much. I know it's Gorilla Glass 2 but added Elecshield protector to it (call me paranoid). So far connects to everything
I was able to get my Comcast (POP3) mail to my Surface! The following link provides the solution that worked for me:
The Windows Blog

I'm very pleased with the Surface now. Already looking forward to v2 with a faster CPU/GPU.

I tried that but the thing is that on the mail app you can't send the emails from the POP3 account. You can receive them but when replying of composing an email it will go out from hotmail account.
Got my 64GB Surface a couple of days ago brand new from eBay. About 20quid discount from the MS Store price. Bit frustrating that the UK price is ludicrously more expensive than the US price. :(

Spent so long learning the UI, and how to get it to do what I want it to. Still learning, but this site has helped on a couple of occasions. :)