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The Official "I've Got My Surface" Thread!

A workaround for the Comcast pop email proble. Can you forward you Comcast email to another account that works with the Surface email client such as Exchange, Gmail, Live, etc.?
If you have a pop mailbox, forward to a live mail (now outlook) and there is a way to keep your reply to address still pointing to your pop address. I believe Gmail has this functionality as well.
I got mine :)

Very happy with it thus far!

FedEx website said it would be delivered Friday at 10:30 am and the truck pulled in my driveway at 10:28 am. I was very impressed! So far I am having fun learning all the functions of the Surface. Very pleased so far!
Count me in.

My local mall got a pop-up store/kiosk. After all the unboxing stories from ym techie friends yesterday (they pre-ordered), I had to give it a try. I went with a thumb drive full of files to test out. Editing my Word documents was a breeze. Playing video and music also simple. I didn't see a good photo editing app on the demo model though. But I could easily access all my Google data. (I live in Gmail, G+, GVoice, GCal.) So I decided to pull the trigger on the Touch Cover/Tablet bundle. I like the feel of the Touch cover. I don't know how it works, but it is an amazing piece of tech. Blows Apple's "smart" cover out of the water.

I got it home and spent about 15 minutes setting it up. Registered for a new Live eMail account because my old one was just a spam catcher. Downloaded a few essential apps (Evernote, Skype, Google Search, etc.) and started playing.

Best part about going to the Mall kiosk vs preordering online: I got the Xbox Music Pass for free.

Now I need to play with it more and see how much I can do with it. I was an early adopter for iPad and Asus Transformer too. (Not quite as early in Android realm, but I did suffer through Froyo and Honeycomb.) I can deal with the app deprivation world. Now that Win 8 is out, I'm betting we see app dev ramp up. I just need about half a dozen or so more to be happiest. Contest in my mind is Win8 vs. Android. I'm a solid Android convert who uses Windows 7 on the laptop/desktop. Having Office on a tablet is HUGE to my work flow.
two days with surface


The only computer in my bag from now on. my ipad feels like a toy compared to this and will live in the family room for games.

What an amazing user experience and fabulous piece of hardware. I have no doubt that the app issue will be solved soon as windows 8 will find its way on to a huge installed base. MS finally cracked the code.

I was able to get my Comcast (POP3) mail to my Surface! The following link provides the solution that worked for me:
The Windows Blog

I'm very pleased with the Surface now. Already looking forward to v2 with a faster CPU/GPU.
Gave up on my preorder and drove an hour and a half to get one. Got the 64 gb and was able to cancel my preorder before they charged my card. Life is good.
Gave up on my preorder and drove an hour and a half to get one. Got the 64 gb and was able to cancel my preorder before they charged my card. Life is good.

Very nice. Mind if I ask what store you went to? The MS Stores are few and far between, even with the new "pop up" locations.
well I can now post in this thread. surface arrived this afternoon. I am posting from it right now whilst updating all the apps. pretty impressed so far. touch cover is really easy to use.