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Will the Surface run Strong VPN?


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I live in Germany currently, and travel to other countries. I run Stong VPN on my laptop at home, but need to know if the Surface will allow me to run it on the tablet. Otherwise I will need to upgrade my router and run a VPN router which is more expensive and slows down my network.

I use ibVPN instead of StrongVPN but it is the same. You can enter a number of presets to connect to PPTP, L2TP, or SSTP servers and then start and stop them manually. At this time there is no solution of OpenVPN yet or an app -- as far as I know.
I am using VPN in Touch and there is a management app for them in The Store. Fairly easy to set up even for a newbie like me and I did write an email question about rates. Got a response within an hour. When connected I do not see a change in speed. Rates are fair also.