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    Microsoft to issue fix for New Surface Pro sleep bug

    It seems that some new Surface Pro owners have been troubled by a bug that is causing their Surface Pros to randomly enter sleep mode without warning, resulting in lost data for the owners. ZDNet writes that reports first started to emerge about the sleep issue a short time after the new...
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    Windows Store Digital Gifting Coming Soon

    Windows Central reports that Xbox VP Mike Ybarra has been talking on Twitter about the possibility of digital gifting of Windows Store and Xbox purchases, responding “Not far!” to the question, “how far off are we from getting the ability to GIFT a new purchase for a friend?” Windows Central...
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    Doomfist Announced for Overwatch

    Just as reported earlier this week, Doomfist is the next hero to join Overwatch. His newly released origin story video has already caused quite a stir on social media, with “Doomfist” trending worldwide on Twitter. Many memes have already been spawned in his honour, including several from Tracer...
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    Doomfist is Finally Coming to Overwatch

    PC Gamer writes that it looks like Doomfist is finally coming to Overwatch as a playable hero, with an in-universe blog post from the "Times of Numbani" reporting that the Talon organization attacked Helix Security International maximum security installation “with the express purpose of freeing...
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    StarCraft: Remastered Gets August 14 Release Date

    Blizzard Entertainment has announced that it is to launch StarCraft: Remastered worldwide on August 14. The modernized version of the award-winning sci-fi RTS classic can now be pre-purchased via the online Blizzard Shop for $47.99/£12.99. Anyone pre-purchasing prior to August 14 will get three...
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    Microsoft’s Ultimate Game Sale Starts Tomorrow

    Microsoft’s Ultimate Game Sale kicks off tomorrow, and Xbox Wire reports that it’s not just Xbox games that are included, with lots of great deals on Windows 10 games also featured, such as Gears of War 4, Halo Wars 2, Resident Evil 7, Fallout Shelter, Dead Rising 4, and many more. PC gamers...
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    New Surface pro (5) battery issue

    My new surface pro's battery only last 5-6 hours, is it normal? And I also got the auto hibernate issue.:(
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    Is Flickering Brightness Still an Issue on Surface 5 (Surface Laptop)

    Hi everyone, I was a Surface Pro 4 owner back in the early days, and I had to give up on it because of the flickering brightness when using it in a dark room. It was a dealbreaker for me, and I had to leave my Sp4 for an iPad + Mac. For those who aren't aware of the problem, here is a link ...
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    Microsoft Says Apple Was Following Them With iPad Pro

    Business Insider reports that Microsoft general manager for Surface, Ryan Gavin, has told them that the iPad Pro was a “clear example” of Apple following Microsoft and not the other way round. Gavin conceded that Microsoft does keep an eye on its competition, but as far as actually assembling...
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    Surface Laptop and Surface Pro Now On Sale Worldwide

    In a post on the Windows blog Microsoft Devices corporate vice president Panos Panay celebrated the arrival of Surface Laptop and the new Surface Pro, which are now available to buy in 25 markets worldwide, as well as increased availability for Surface Studio around the world. “People are...
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    Fallout 4 Free to Play on Steam This Weekend

    Bethesda Softworks has announced that Fallout 4 is free to play this weekend on Steam for PC and for all Xbox Live Gold members, running through until 1 p.m. PT on Sunday, May 28. Players will have access to Mod support during the freeplay period, but not to any of the premium downloadable...
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    Play Overwatch for Free This Weekend

    If you’re someone who hasn’t yet got around to playing Overwatch, now would be a really great time to see what all the fuss is about and get hooked like the other 30 million of us, as for this weekend only the game is free to play, right through until 8:59 CEST on May 29. PC Gamer writes that...
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    Surface Book with P.B. or new Surface Pro i7 16GB Ram?

    I think about buying a Surface Device. But I am not sure if I should buy the new Surface Pro i7 16GB Ram or the Surface Book with P.B. i7 16 GB Ram dGPU, because with the Student Price the Surface Pro (with keyboard and Pen) is only around 200€ cheaper than the Surface Book. I will use the...
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    New Surface Pro and Pen Designed to Work Seamlessly With Office and New Whiteboard App

    As part of its special Surface event in Shanghai today, Microsoft also announced a new Whiteboard on Surface app, and updated Surface Pen (which will no longer be bundled with the main Surface Pro tablet, and must be brought separately), as well as new inking capabilities. In particular...
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    Microsoft Announces New Surface Pro at Shanghai Event

    Microsoft is currently holding a special event in Shanghai, China, where Microsoft's corporate vice-president of Devices, Panos Panay, has just announced the completely redesigned new Surface Pro, which Microsoft says is “upgraded, versatile, and exceptionally powerful, with iconic Surface...
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    Microsoft Posts Picture of New Surface Type Covers Ahead of Shanghai Event Tomorrow

    The Next Web reports that ahead of tomorrow’s special Surface event in Shanghai, Microsoft’s Surface head Panos Panay has teased his Instagram followers with a snap of what looks very much like four new Surface Pro Type Covers, shown on a screen and clearly part of tomorrow’s presentation. The...
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    Details and Images of Surface Pro Refresh Leak

    Venture Beat has a major scoop from Evan Blass today posting pictures and details about Microsoft’s next Surface tablet, which Blass says will be announced at the Microsoft event due to be held in Shanghai on Tuesday May 23. According to Blass, the updated Surface Pro 4 will simply be called...
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    Pro 3 i5-i7 V's Pro 4 m3 ?

    Hello people, I've been staring at specs and listings for days and I thought - what the hell ask someone else.. Do you think I should buy a Surface Pro 4 m3 4gb or for roughly the same price a secondhand Surface Pro 3 i5 - i7 packing 8gb? I know (in the loosest sense of the word) Surface 3...
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    Hybrid Surface Pro?

    Hello thank you for the brilliant forum. I have a question if anyone could answer it that would be great! Can I put the motherboard of a cosmetically damaged Surface Pro i7 into my Microsoft i3 and it behave it's self? Any in put would be gladly received. , All the best Steven
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    Type Cover (1) isn't working

    My Type cover isn't working (I have no backlight so I guess I have the first version) At first when it stopped working correctly it sometimes worked when it had a certain angle between the keyboard and the screen. Now I can't seem to find this "hotspot". I read this could be caused by a bad...