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do you prefer windows 10



I installed windows 10. The extra screen real estate on the pro 3 helps a lot. On the pro 2 I couldn't stand it and it is even worse on a smaller tablet. I could live with it on the pro 3.


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I really want to like windows 10.

I was an insider since february and i loved it, but all the issues it had in the preview are still present now: performance is worse than 8.1, battery life is worse than 8.1, multitasking is really cool to look at but it doesn't remember the placement of my windows in split screen and what worries me is things don't seem to be getting better, if anything edge has gotten way worse (even with flash turned off)!

I mean i have to use mozilla as a browser because edge sucks, i have to use desktop mode when multitasking, i have to hide the pen 'cause evry time i tap anything on the screen the handwriting recognition pops up, the battery life is 4 to 6 hours and once every 3 days it gets stuck in standby mode.

I believe windows 10 will be the best windows, even for tablets but right now it's only a beta


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Come on Grey....really? I like Windows 10 in Tablet Mode, is it different? Of course but now we're the whiners we accused the desktop jockeys of being when Windows 8.x was released. Over time less of the old Win32 code will be in the OS. TH2 is making Windows 10 feel more and more like Windows Mobile.

Any idea when this TH2 is supposed to be released? Will it be this year or at the beginning of next year? And, is there not supposed to be another major update coming up after TH2 too?


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Any idea when this TH2 is supposed to be released? Will it be this year or at the beginning of next year? And, is there not supposed to be another major update coming up after TH2 too?
It could be as early as next week (I doubt it though), my best guess would be sometime between November 10-20. I know that they want Windows 10 Mobile and TH2 be released around the same time....

Chris Stephen

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Hi there.

I put Windows 10 on my Surface Pro 3 on July 29, 2015 and went back to Windows 8.1 a month later. So yes I gave it a good chance. I have found that Microsoft has really made using the Surface Pro 3 inconvenient and difficult to use while being used as a tablet.

I miss the touch-friendly Modern UI Internet Explorer from Windows 8.1 to swipe back a page or forward. The Edge browser doesn't have touch gestures and I can't swipe forward or back web pages. The back button in the browser is too small to hit easily and the tabs are also too small. Brutal.

The Star icon in Modern UI Internet Explorer on Windows 8.1 let me do everything with my favorites. In Windows 10 Edge the star Icon only lets me add a favorite. What gives? I need to use a icon with 3 little lines and drill down.to see any of my favorites with it. What's up with that?

A swipe from the left side of the screen in Windows 8.1 allowed me to quick switch apps. In Windows 10 it's gone and instead, it forces you to load the open app previews and pick one. Annoying.

The brightness icon only allows me to change the brightness in increments of 25%. In Windows 8.1 I had a slider where I could slide the brightness up or down which was far better instead of the 25% increments in Windows 10 as I found I would usually be using it at 35% brightness. I found that if I dig into the control panel under advanced and then I see the slider control for brightness but very inconvenient to get to and no way to allow me to make a shortcut or something to easily get to like it was in Windows 8.1.

In Windows 8.1, OneDrive would let me work with my offline files through Windows Explorer, and choose what I wanted to sync locally and still have access to everything. It was a great feature and worked great in Windows 8.1 but with windows 10 I can't see any of my files that are not synced unless I go through the browser but the browser doesn't let me drag or drop files. Very inconvenient. I am a Office 365 subscriber with unlimited OneDrive space and am very displeased with this change.

Also when using my Surface pro 3 as a tablet the task bar in Windows 10 should be automatically hidden just like it was in Windows 8.1 in tablet mode but in Windows 10 it is always present and annoying. If I manually select the option to hide it, this setting moves over to my non-touch laptops where I want the taskbar to be always visible. I'm always going back and forth turning it on and off again. So dumb.

When using my Surface Pro 3 in tablet mode, the touch keyboard does not appear when i tap on a text entry box in Groove to type something to search for. I have to fiddle with it to bring up the touch keyboard manually.

What was the last straw was when I discovered that my favorites in Edge were not syncing to my Windows 10 laptop and vice versa. This isn't even a feature in Windows 10 anymore. What gives?

On a Desktop or laptop without a touch screen, and with plenty of hard drive space for syncing OneDrive, and you only have one computer, Windows 10 is fine, but for my Surface Pro 3 with touch and limited hard drive space, Windows 10 is currently a big step backwards in usability as a tablet. Windows 8.1 was perfect for using my Surface Pro 3 as a tablet. Windows 10 is not. It has potential, but is a way off. Perhaps in the future when all these things are fixed, I'll give Windows 10 another shot on my Surface.

Just my 2 cents....