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Poll For those keeping their Surface Pro 3 which accessories are you updating?

Which accessories are you updating for your Surface pro 3?

  • Type cover

    Votes: 36 85.7%
  • Pen

    Votes: 17 40.5%
  • Dock

    Votes: 10 23.8%
  • None

    Votes: 5 11.9%

  • Total voters


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I'll probably keep my original type cover as a back up.. I guess I'll need to get a new pen loop though ..hmmm


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An old and battered HTC M7. I can't consider it throw away because there still isnt anything (that I consider important in a smart phone) it can't do, other than take a worthwhile photo.
I still use one too! changing to M8 so I can run Windows Mobile this week(sorry about off topic)


I'm thinking of selling my SP3 for the SB but if I decide not to, I would get the new keyboard for sure.

Testing it at the MS store, it's honestly a significant upgrade. In fact when it comes to the SP4 vs SP3, I would even venture to say that the keyboard is a more significant upgrade than the device itself.


the SP4 pen will not have the same pressure sensitivity on the 3, but will the pressure sensitivity still be increased as compared to the SP3 pen?


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Once it is available in my language I'll get the keyboard. I really like the docking brick but I already have the docking station so it doesn't add anything, and even if only a few days of the pen are available I'll probably get it.


I've just seen that in NZ it's $40 more than the SP3 Type Cover. $239 vs $200! WHY?

The US has both covers at the same price