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How to do Hard reset on Surface RT when frozen


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Well with the 8.1 preview being a bit flaky, especially IE 11, i got stuck where I could not get any response with the Operating system. I then could not get the power button to do anything. Is there a hard key reset sequence. On my phones in the same situation I would pull the battery but can't do so on the surface.
Hold the Power Button for about 10 seconds, if that doesn't work, power button and volume rocker down...
Thanks. Yeah I had tried those as that was my understanding as well but no luck. Ultimately RT threw an error though and released me from the IE 11 hang and let me reboot. I know 8.1 is a preview but hope they make it more stable as I have found it to be very buggy thus far. Seem to be having a lot of wifi issues now where it loses all my connections.
I've noticed with IE 11 Modern UI that sites with Flash Ads or Facebook Integration causes it to hang and use a lot of memory. I find that I can open four or 5 tabs...
My surface wasn't starting a few days ago. I tried holding the power button, perhaps not long enough. But, I attached the keyboard and then the power button worked.
One perhaps tangentially related question: In IE11 (in Modern UI mode) can you tear out tabs and convert them into individual windows? So, for example, if I want to view two web pages simultaneously (in Chrome and IE10 desktop - both on Win 8), I would move out one tab and it would become a separate window which I could then place side by side. Can this be done in 8.1 using IE11? Thanks in advance.
You can click view on Desktop from Modern UI IE and do 50/50 Split and achieve what you're looking for...

I lied, you right click on a tab in Modern UI in click on Open in New Windows and you get a 50/50 Split