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Surface Pro Firmware Update Issues


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I have downloaded and installed all of the updates, to include the Firmware update. When I look at Device Manager, I see the yellow caution flag under Firmware. Specifically the "Surface Pro System Aggregator Firmware" is flagged. The General tab states that "This device cannot start" .

A quick look at update history shows that this update failed. Have uninstalled, restarted, etc. no solution.

Any ideas?


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That's strange... no yellow indicator here. I am showing the driver for that device is v1.4.17232.0

Nothing odd happened during the update? How many reboots did you have?


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This is a tough one.

So far, half the updates failed - and after a restart it's knocked out my Wedge Mouse....won't work, and it can't find it after I remove it and try to add it again.

Just tried another restart, and now it's just hanging on the 'restarting' screen....

Jay Slasher

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I still get the warning triangle, however I don't seem to have any noticeable issues... Bluetooth mouse and everything else seems to be working normally.


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You could try to roll back the device with the error then reboot your PC and check Windows update again. It should redownload the update.


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Just did the full update. Everything working completely fine, no yellow flags in device manager. Loving the full flash support for IE 10