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so i got this update on the SP3 today. is this the "official" update being described here? the "more info" button leads to "info coming soon" page so no more details to be found. it also installed quick and although it mentioned a possible restart needed it didnt require it after install. here is a screen shot

This in coming from WD and the one discussed here was coming from Samsung.

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I have been using the "unsupported" firmware from day one. I'm a happy camper.
@Citanic - thank you. After an image backup I installed & ran the utility without incident. The Surface did get stuck at the boot screen with the words Surface and a continuously moving circle. After a half hour or more I hit the power button for 30 seconds and rebooted.

HD Tune Pro report below; wish I'd tested before.



Can anyone explain how to update please? I downloaded the ISO file and am now stuck. I am trying to update my Samsung 840 evo in my desktop not my sp3, but it should be the same process using win 8.1.

Edit: no worries, I just updated Samsung magician software and it gave me the the option to update the firmware.
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So, correct me if I'm wrong, at least for now there's no way to update our Samsung SSD in SP3 to the new version.
The old beta tool is no more available and we only have Samsung Magician with firmware update grayed out.
Can't we use the ISO file in some way?