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Init Tablet Case = perfect fit w/SP3 (with pics)

Already have the SP3 in a folio case for when it's out in the wild, but wanted a compact case for my SP3 for carrying it in my backpack between classes.

This case is literally a perfect fit for the SP3 and type cover. It's like it was designed for it - and it leaves the tiniest footprint. Hard to believe, but there's a folio case with my SP3 in it, along with the power cover stuffed inside the dual pockets of this case. And best of all, it's 15$ at Best Buy - didn't have a price-tag and was expecting $40 :p


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Nice socks by te way ;-)

I love my Thinktank 2nd Brain:

The shoulder strap I don't need. The bag holds everything: spare spiral notebook - just for the case, real + SP3 pen, chargers for my phone and the SP3, all kinds of dongles: Ethernet, HDMI, USB3 3-Port and such. Also my headset, business cards, travel wallet, etc. Would take more without becoming bulky.

Before the SP3, I had the Dell XPS 13 and an iPad Air in it. Since the SP3, the iPad now stays at home mostly.

Stuffed as above, the bag can go into 15-16" laptop compartments of airplane cabin luggage. At least I sometimes put it in such a compartment of my cabin trolley.