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Magnetic Charger Connection


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Have you heard of Sugru? It's a foamy, rubber material that you can purchase only that some people place on their phones and camera to make them bounce when dropped.

Since it is easily formed and dries sort of like an epoxy, I was considering buying some to attach to my charger cable... give me a bit of a better grip when trying to connect to the device.


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The LAST thing I am is a 'steady hand'. The charge cord on my sp2 is probably the easiest of all my devices to connect. I found that holding the cord 4 to 5" back from the connector (experiment) gives me enough control to align it with the charge port. The strong magnet then pulls it right in.
I hope they never change the design ;-)


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It is a PITA for sure, and not just yours! What I do is hold it by the cord, about 4-5 inches from the magnetic connector, dangle it toward the connector on the surface, swiveling it as needed for alignment purposes, and the magnet will bring it home correctly. It's just easier for me to do it that way since I have the surface in a case whose edges add to the problem. It does need redesigned in my opinion too.

It works. Thank you so much. I had been in the habit of holding the little plug between my fingers and fooling around with it until it seated. Didn't even think about letting the magnetism do the work. You made my day. Holding it by the cable a few inches up from the plug and dangling it near the socket works great. I'm a computer tech and have pretty good common sense and I never thought of trying it your way. Chalk up an aggravation as being solved.


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Glad that helped! It still aggravates me occasionally but I blame my old eyesight for that. Magnetism vs Stigmatism!