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Patch Tuesday and a Holiday !


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I've had no such issue. I did have a blip where IE modern wouldn't open after the update, but another restart cleared it up.


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Ah...I think it was an indexing issue. I reindexed the device and now all is quiet and silent - as it was before and as it is meant to be.

Deryl McCarty

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Update (desktop or Metro) sees nothing on the Nov Patches. It did not see the Oct 28 firmware update. It did see and I installed the two updates that had to do with 9860 and update installs (Oct 20 21) and it is religious about finding and installing the daily personal Dictionary update, but nothing else. I had to manually install the Oct 28 firmware update, but it was a pain. Now looking up and installing a bunch of KBs one at a time is not a great use of time. Thanks Charlie for posting the tech preview update link, however I downloaded and did an stand alone install on all the applicable updates for preview and x64 but none would load, all came back as not applying to this computer which is an SP3, i7 running 9860.
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Go to Control Panel (desktop side of things). Type "Indexing" in the search box (top right corner). You will get 4 options with "Indexing Options" being the first. Click or tap on it. Click or tap on the "Advanced" button. Under the tab "Index Setting", click or tap on "Rebuild". Note: Depending on what you have on your device, it will take a long time!
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