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So Tell Me, What You Think? 3G or No 3G?


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I would definitely use a mifi device with one. I would rather have WiFi using my battery than a 3G/4G battery hogging radio.


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No problem here, between all the hot spots and my home wireless system. Just depends on individual needs. How about just an upgrade option?


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It just wouldnt look attractive price wise either. We are talking about a tablet in the pro version that will run in the $1000 range. Now when you add a wireless radio and you go for the 128gb version, your probably looking at $1250 or more. Like most have said, you will probably almost always have some form of wifi and most will have a smart phone that can do this. If you are in a area where your smart phone cant get signal, then neither will your tablet.

Good option but it probably came down to dollar and cents decision on just developing it to fit in the form factor.


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Totally agree WiFi covers you 95% of the time and tethering can cover the other 5%.

One of my gripes with the Ipad is you have to buy the 3G/4G version if you want GPS.


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I think I live in a different world. 3G connection is a "must have" for me. I use the tablet everywhere, from a doctor waiting room, to hundreds of hours I spend in the car, on a small shop, on someone's house I don't have/don't want to ask the WiFi password, on airports (many don't offer free open WiFi, but paid), sitting on a public plaza, on a chair near the swimming pool of the apartment village I live . I see myself on many situations where there's not a WiFi connection, or if there is, they are not open or free. Once almost all cool apps depend on a internet connecion, I really believe a 3G modem is very useful for business people. On every company I visit for business purposes, the WiFi is not open and almost all of them don't like to give the password to visitors. Setting the smartphone to be a wifi hotspot is not a quick and well suited solution in a quick meeting with a customer on a small metting room.


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I don't want a 3G or 4G onboard due to the aggressive upgrade cycle on wireless technology, here in the US just in the last 24 months we've gone through 3G, WiMAX, HSPA+, LTE and other upgrades are on the horizon. Using my Tri-Fi Hotspot I have access to all of the major standards and I can upgrade once a year, Plus I can connect up to 8 devices. I use it in all of the places you describe and connect my Surface to the Hotspot and I'm quite productive.


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Ditto. Just imagine if the Surface RT has a built-in 3G, I wouldn't be able to use LTE. For me to upgrade to LTE, I just have to upgrade my tethering device and I'm done.


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<snip>Setting the smartphone to be a wifi hotspot is not a quick and well suited solution in a quick meeting with a customer on a small metting room.
On the contrary, I can setup WiFi tethering with my Smartphone in 10 seconds.


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I dont go anywhere without my iPhone 5. I actually forgot it yesterday when I went to the store to get beer, but that doesn't count. Its like $10 a month to activate my Iphone5's hotspot. Why would I want the tablet to have 3g, when I can link up with smooth 4G LTE?

I agree with the majority here that 3g will in no way effect the success of the Surface. I would love to see ANYONE write a good email client for the Surface. I would pay real money for one. That they update and improve the Mail client is more important to me than them adding 3g.
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no,surface with 3/4G would cost about 100GBP extra, and another contract, I use Nokia lumia 800 hot spot,mobile internet is cheaper,
or mi-fi hot spot modem for much faster mobile broadband,costs a bit more, only takes a few seconds,i bought Xoom wi-fi/3G tablet last year for 70% off price as nobody was buying them and retailer clearing unsold stock. Never used sim in it yet,
my surface wi-fi connects quickly and no problems, brilliant tablet,
I recently read that approx 30% of iPads were sold with 3G and of that 30% only 10% activated or used the connection. My 64GB iPad has 3G but I never saw the need to activate it and pay the extra $30 per month for the few times I might need the connection.
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