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So What Do You Think of the BIG Rumor Going Around? $199.00 for the RT


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Just like the topic says? What do you think, is it some ghastly rumor that is so far fetched that it is unthinkable, or does it hold some validity and Microsoft is holding an ace up their sleeve and is going to make a big SPLASH in the tablet market? Your thoughts...


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Cannot see this price unless maybe linked to some form of subscription.
Micrpsoft have already upset there hardware partners by emtering the market and will already take a large proportion of new sales if the price is competitive with other suppliers. If they price drastically lower by subsidising it against futute salrs of apps the others will ne left with a lot of unsold machines.

If you look at the Asus RT specs they are marginally higher than the TF700 so would think that would give a more accurate idea of price point


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I think it's preposterous. Microsoft has always thrived on being a SW company now a HW company. I think they're treating the Surface like Google treats a Nexus. I don't think they'd undermine their companies like that.


Not a chance, it must cost close to that to manufacture each unit, doubt they won't wan't a profit .


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$399 would be a good entry price. Anything much over $500-$600 I think Microsoft will have a hard time selling it.


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Funny that they are now offering the RT to schools at $199 just to get rid of the 900 million in extra inventory they have laying around. :)


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man I would DEF buy another one if I could get in on that deal! LOL install it in my car for a "carputer" for all my movies music and streaming and surfing lol


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Funny that they are now offering the RT to schools at $199 just to get rid of the 900 million in extra inventory they have laying around. :)

That's a helluva deal. No wonders college campus buzz surrounds the RT now. You can beat it. Then RT comes with Office preinstalled. Great battery life, Office, ability to watch movies,play games, etc...then throw in a keyboard, its hard to beat. The more surface devices in people's hands, ebetter it is for MS. Even if they taking a loss. This will boost them in the long run.


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Over the weekend I was reading articles about how most of the other major computer makers like ASUS are dropping the RT platform leaving only Dell and Microsoft left. Some wondered how long Dell would stick with it.
If that is the case then the future of RT, no matter how much positive spin is spun by the Microsoft leadership, sort of makes me wonder if a Surface RT is in the works past maybe one more update (Surface RT 2.0)? No matter how much those of us that have an RT and like it and share that positive view, it all comes down to economic sense and is it making money? Even though the $199 rumor (not counting the school deal) seemed to be spreading again this past weekend, I doubt it unless Microsoft is to discontinue the Surface RT and has a fire sale like HP did a few years ago with their tablets. If it did go retail at that price I would buy another one in a heartbeat!
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