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So Tell Me, What You Think? 3G or No 3G?


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I had thought this was going to be a significant disadvantage with the Pro---but my cell now has a very good built in hot spot. Not having 3G has been no issue at all. Also have had Pro a month and have only used the hot spot couple of times--usually have access to WiFi. As others have said, I don't want a separate plan.


I can do 6hrs of tethering on my HTC One V or HTC Windows Phone 8S with half the battery remaining afterwards. I live with tethering only outside my office.

I travel a great deal. If I used three hours of tethering and that knocked my phone battery down to less than 8 hours of use, I could not make that sacrifice. I do feel that tethering is a better idea than embedded 3G in our RT's. Travelers get good at scoping out power outlets while traveling, but to go below the 8 hour phone threshold would be too much. Internationally it would be a non starter as well. Airport lounge free WiFi is the way to go.


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I would LOVE to have data built into the surface!! I use a clear 3g/4g modem with it now. I have a grandfathered unlimited data plan on my iphone but unfortunately, AT&T requires giving up the unlimited plan to do tethering. I also have the original $29 unlimited ipad data plan grandfathered so I'm holding on to that. I'd gladly give up the clear modem if my surface had built-in data. even though the clear plan is the old unlimited 3g/4g that they dont offer anymore, I'd be tempted to hold on to that too. work reimburses me for all but the iphone data so not much comes out of pocket.

you really have to live with devices having built-in data to appreciate how convenient they are, even with public wifi so widespread. not to mention security... I wonder how many folks connect to public wifi without using a vpn, I would imagine most users hop onto these networks unsecured.


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you really have to live with devices having built-in data to appreciate how convenient they are . . ..

Bert --

Sorta been there; done that. My Ladyfriend bought me an iPad1 soon after they were introduced. I still have it, temporarily. I cancelled the data plan when I realized I was not using it. Since then, I used it as a reader, until I got my RT. Now that I have the Pro, my RT & the iPad are waiting for new homes. I would not have paid extra for 3G on either the RT or the Pro, and wouldn't pay for a data plan if they had it -- too much wi-fi out there to do that. And, one is not compelled to use public wi-fi in an unsecured manner -- it's a choice.

I'm not suggesting that there aren't people who need and want 3G; I'm just not one of them. As I posted to Bosamar above, a study last year reported that 90% of tablets sold were wi-fi only. That suggests that Microsoft made a smart choice in not including 3G in their tablets.



I currently own an iPad 3 with verizon LTE. I've had it since launch and have only turned on the data twice. Both times have only been to use my iPad as a personal hotspot for my work laptop. Other than that, I haven't had a use for having a tablet with built in data.

On a similar note, I can REALLY see a benefit of owning the cheapest iPad mini with built-in data since it's a heck of alot cheaper than purchasing a personal hotspot and having to sign a 2-year contract. Not having to sign a 2-year contract with an iPad that has data is one of it's most useful features... In my opinion...


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I am so lucky that my cellular provider allows for up to 2 extra "Data only" sim cards on the same subscription. only $5 extra.
I adhoc my RT to my phone when I'm in a non wifi environment and it works great (Mostly used when I'm in the car. It however drains heavily on the phone battery, so i would still love integrated 3g/4g.


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In the UK some providers charge for personal hotspots on the phone (O2), however EE are offering a business tariff with a free 64gb iPhone 5 and 16gb 4g including tethering. Brilliant.

We cancelled our iPad mobile data and just us the iPhones, cheaper, less bills and works flawlessly. I thought it would be an issue when the spec for the surface was released but have to say will never see as it required on a tablet in the future. Don't even need a dongle for laptop anymore.


My cell phone has unlimited data and I can just tether the pro with it but I definately see a benefit to having 3g directly on the pro. It would make things much easier. At the same time, I doubt I'd spend anything extra to have the feature on the Pro. Definately a nice to have, but not a requirement.


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I don't miss the 3G/4G. It was handy when I had the iPad, but the company I used to work for paid the bill ;) Now that I'm paying, I'd rather just tether the phone. What I do miss is the GPS chip. I don't know why manufacturers think you don't need GPS if you don't have cell data built in.


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I have a verizon 4g MIFI. 3g would be useless for me as I would have to pay extra for it to be added to my plan, when I already have a mifi I use for laptops and such. 3g surface means only that can go on, but the mifi lasts 4-6 hours while in use, 10+ on standby if no one is using it, and I can connect multiple devices to it. The only thing I would think would be useful would be the gps ability, but in reality I use my phone for that.

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