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Who here uses a Windows Phone


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925 here with Cyan update. Using the new tile folder that is divided into 9 small icons. I don't even know how I got an empty tile folder to put multiple links in.


I'm using a 23 month old Nokia 822 (Verizon). At this point I'm not expecting a Cyan update, never mind Denim. Thank goodness for Developer's Preview.


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I'm using 1520 as my workphon.
I've been pretty satisfied with it except some stupid Windows restricts.

At least it has Nokia name on it ;)

My other phone is Z2, with multisim same number Works in both (also unlimited data connection).


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We have Denim in 1520 here at Finland.. I think almost all Lumias have it. But no Cortana in Finnish language! Argh!


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You know what I want really badly for my Lumia 1520. I want to be able to ink in One Note, back and forth from my SP3 to my Lumia in the One Note program. It already syncs. Being able to ink in both places just seems logical to me.


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Just got the Denim update on my Lumia 930... I really like the 930, it's a superb phone.Mostly I like the windows OS... but there's a few rough edges.

The Email client... I can NEVER send an email from it, it just fails every single time with an error message which when I google has about 4 million different solutions (well that might be an exaggeration).. I tried Metro mail which appears to work to send emails, but I'm not that keen on the interface.

I've seen a die hard Apple/iOS fan actually raving about how good Outlook mobile is on his iphone... why isn't this available on my windows phone...??

Also the Windows settings menu... what order is it in? I can only think it must make sense if it's in alphabetical order when written in russian or greek characters! I can never find anything in it.

But apart from that I like phone and Win phone experience!!