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Bluetooth Mouse for Surface Pro 3


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Hi, any comments on which mouse worked best with Surface Pro 3?
I have a Rapoo Bluetooth mouse that disconnects every 10 seconds if inactive.
I saw that Logitech works well any comments?


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I use the Logitech M557 with great pleasure. Why? True 5-button mouse (scrollwheel tilts left and right and also pushes down (middle button); the tilt buttons (XButton1 and XButton2) and middle button (MButton) are easily remappable with AutoHotkey). There is also a Windows button below the scroll wheel. AutoHotkey can be used to turn the windows button into something more useful if that is your taste (it takes some work to disambiguate it from the other windows buttons on the Surface and keyboard). I do not transport the mouse around -- I wish there were a nonbulky five-or-six-or-more button mouse -- but the M557 is the most productive I've found, and it is reasonably comfortable.

Search Reddit's Surface forum for M557 and you will get some hits in threads discussing bluetooth mice (from one of which I have extracted the above comment).


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I also use the M557 since I need the scroll wheel. It's not quite as small as the ultra thin but still nicely portable and works great with the SP3. It connects immediately when you turn it on and the only real downside is that you will drain your battery quickly if you don't remember to shut it off after using it.


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I have the Logitech MX Master mouse. Very nice, pairable to 3 devices at once, 1 button switch between them. Bit pricey, but very comfortable to those of us that have to use it 8+ hours a day.


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If u do a ton of mousing, the mx master is built with same comfort of their previous mx series. Tho I am hard on mouses, wear one out a year.


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I have the Microsoft Sculpt Comfort bluetooth mouse, and it works great. It is very comfortable, reasonably priced, has a 4-way clickable scroll wheel, a touch gesture Windows button, and an on/off button on the bottom (very important for me to prevent accidental wake-ups when on-the-go). It takes a single AA battery, which lasts quite a while.

I highly suggest it.


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I have both MS Arc mouse and the Logitech Ultrathin Touch Mouse (T630). My Arc is USB so that uses up the USB port and it sticks out. The T630 is great and the Bluetooth always connects and stays connected, but one bug... when I use the SP3 at home plugged into USB hub with wireless MS mouse, the cursor speed setting is always knocked down to slowest and I have to reset it in mouse settings every time. If I always used the T630, that wouldn't be an issue.
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