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Official I received my Surface Pro 4


Just picked mine from the Best Buy store in Cambridge, Massachussetts. Type cover is a big improvement. Will play more with it tonight. Store was empty and it seems they have stock for walk ins


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I am home waiting on mine for delivery, then back to work so not sure how much time I will have to play with until tonight

First surface product


Mine was delivered a couple hours ago (from the pre-order): i5 with 512 GB SSD and 16 GB RAM. So far, so good. EXCEPT:

1) The volume button is backwards... left is louder? Right is softer? Who thought that was logical?

2) The dock for the Pro 3 works, but does need a spacer that nobody at my local store knew about and said it was delayed getting a shipment for once they admitted it was a real thing.

3) Trying to register or get to support online is a disaster. The site is very slow, and entering my serial number and clicking Register sends me into an infinite loop where I cannot proceed.


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I received mine: i5 256GB. Installed the necessaries. Very fast. This was an upgrade from an SP3 i3, so I'm easily impressed.

One thing concerns me: I've had the screen shake (meaning the whole desktop moves to the right briefly) and the screen blanking. It's happened a few times under very specific conditions. OneNote, for one. Also, scrolling through face book very predictably produces this. In addition, occasionally the screen will turn just the tiniest bit blue. Same conditions. That happens opening this very site, in fact. Also scrolling through facebook. I'm trying to decide whether there's a problem with the screen or some sort of bug. It's very odd. I can demonstrate if anyone's interested.


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I finally have time to play around with mine - I am still in the learning phase as this is my first surface and the first time I have experienced windows 10.

So far no screw issues for me, I am downloading the updates now.


Got mine early today from BB. So far:
- changing hue issues on websites in IE and Edge.
- screen freezing
- keyboard/touchpad not responding after wake
- multiple crashes

This POS is going back to BB tomorrow, I'm never pre-ordering anything from MS again.


I got an i5/8/256 today as well and working on setting it up. Held off on the keyboard for now but I want to get one soon.


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Got mine on the 26th (it's now early 27th, still playing around with it :p) delivered from Microsoft Store preorder. Core i5, 256 GB SSD, 8 GB. This is an upgrade from a 256 GB Surface Pro 2. So far, I've noticed the same hue issue in Edge browser and the Intel Display Driver For Windows 8 (literally what it said) crashed while scrolling through the Facebook webpage in Edge. Otherwise, very impressed with the screen, pen, and SSD performance.