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Official I received my Surface Pro 4


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Yesterday I received my third Surface Pro 4. Not that the others were defective, but due to some Microsoft incompetence haha. So, anyways, The other batches were 1545, and this one is 1547, and I think it's a better batch. Battery lasts longer, no doubt. But it could be the software loaded upon arrival. I decided to do the passive updating method, and I have had it for a few days and it hasn't updated a single update as of yet.


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Received my Surface Pro 4 yesterday, i5, 256 SSD, 8gigs of ram. A beautiful machine. It's worked nicely other than IE crashing twice, and I received the error message for the video crashing once AFTER I installed all the new December updates. No other problems at all.

Very nice machine, my wife is getting one now! :p

BTW, thanks to all that posted good info here on the forum, this is a great source to learn about the machine!


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Yesterday I received my SP4 i7, 256 SSD and 16GB ram.
After the first configuration, and updates, all seems working fine, I have only some problems with the play of 1080 mkv files (many lags).

Bye :)


Now have the Surface Pro 4 M3 - so far updated and everything is smooth its just like an upgraded S3, still the S3 is getting used a lot since its smaller. Love it so far


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Hello All, Just joined the community after recently purchasing a new SP4 i5 128. I am a long time tablet user and trace my roots all the way back to the HP TC 100o and TC 1100. I have had several slates since then and a few convertibles, most recently an HP Touchsmart TM2t 2200.

I love the Surface so far and it performs quite well for what I am using it for.

Good to see some familiar faces around here, @leeshor, I recognize you from a few of the other forums I frequent DaveTN/TNCattleDog/YellowJacket

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Received my I5 4 / 128 GB SP4 2/17 via US - just in time for the updated firmware announcement. Microsoft's $100 off and free dock offer on 2/15 finally made me 'pull the trigger' to buy.

I previously had a SP2 that died a premature battery death right after the original warranty expired. I bought the protection plan this time.


Got my SP4 with i7, 16GB / 256 GB about two weeks ago. Using a 128 GB microSD to expand onboard storage.

Using this as a laptop primarily, with backup use as a tablet when I don't want to haul my Android tablet around with me. I also plan use this to take photos for my work - photos that will be incorporated into reports.

Trying out Office 365 with OneDrive for Business (1 TB), but finding it unacceptable. It won't hold the many downloaded documents I use and peruse because their filenames contain the "%20" replacement for blank space. Too bad; I thought I could cut my cord to Dropbox's expanded 1 TB account.
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I finally broke down and got the SP4. I had the i7 SP3 but decided based on my use that I would just get the i5/128G device which is half the price. I went for just enough rather than plenty in reserve.

I've just spent the last two hours getting everything going on it.


1. Snappy and zippy, similar to i7
2. RAM just enough for what I do.
3. Like the camera login. I am on the move with mine frequently logging in so much appreciated and very quick.
4. Screen is better, not a huge difference but noticeable.
5. Pen palm rejection is WAY SUPERIOR to SP3 that drove me MENTAL. I'm left handed which doesn't help but even trying to trip up the SP4 doesn't work. TOP MARKS
6. Camera I haven't really checked out but don't use it much anyway and don't care.
7. It definitely runs cooler. Even during setup this runs cool whereas my i7 SP3 would heat up (not that this was a problem for me).
8. Like the magnet for the pen. Overall pen is much better.
9. I already had the Pro 4 type cover so typing is top notch.

I've got all the programs going I use MYOB, Outlook, Word, Excel, Skype, Edge and really the RAM is still adequate and performance is as good or better than the i7.

I think from a practical point of view, the camera login and better pen are the highlights of the SP4. Performance is the same. Screen is slightly better.

The battery life was never an issue on the SP3, for me anyway, so I don't think it will be on the SP4 either but haven't measured it yet.

I'm happy so far that I saved my money and went for the i5. I find I generally put stuff on OneDrive and didn't need the extra storage and 8G of RAM, while nice to have, I'm just not prepared to pay for and so far I notice NO difference in performance.


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Picked up my Surface Pro 4 from an Amazon vendor in the US. I originally ordered directly from MS but the i7 1TB was on backorder. Found a bundled set with the keyboard and docking station from Amazon and received it a few weeks ago. It is my daily driver and replaces a Samsung 9000 which was a heck of a laptop but after rebuilding it numerous times, I felt it was time to move on and relegate the Samsung to backup status. Really loving it so far but the fan always seems to run even though I am just on Office products. I guess that is the price to pay for the heavy duty processor though. Glad to be on the forum and look forward to contributing and getting feedback.

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I just got my SP4 (i5/8GB/256GB) a few hours back. Still updating. I upgraded from a SP3 - running very well actually on the Fast Insiders' Builds including the latest but there is now a noticeable spread of a yellowish stain beginning from the left of the screen. And, unless I am imagining things, the stain seems to be spreading. I have read about this problem earlier and have noticed that when possible most people rushed to MS to exchange or return their devices and get replacements. I am not sure I have such a luxury because (1) I have now owned and used the SP3 for a little over two years - so warrant of any kind, and (2) if this yellowish stain is a harbringer of more problems down the road, then I would rather just replace the device.

Thus, the SP4! And, lets see how it performs after the updates. I am looking forward to using the 8GB of RAM and the 256 GB local storage is a bonus. Oh and the total absence of that Windows button on the screen is one of the smartest design decisions that Panos and his team may have taken!!! Thank god!!!

I am looking forward to also using the SP4 increasingly as a tablet. I did not do much tablet work with the SP3 because (1) I have a S3 and (2) it was or seemed to be a bit unwieldly. I wonder how the SP4 sans TC will feel in the hand!

But I like what I see. The screen is excellent and at least as the device slowly updates, I cant hear the fans nor can I feel any significant heat being generated. But again, lets see! Let the W10 AU update and install itself.


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Just joined this community after purchasing my first SP4 2nd hand off another owner. It was in perfect shape. It has 3 months of warranty left, wish I could extend it, but not a big deal as I may be upgrading to the SP5. I have never owned a surface product, so I wanted to try it first. I sold my Thinkpad T440, and iPad Mini 2, to get this as an all in one replacement.

My version is the i5, 256gb, 8gb. I added my 256gb microsd card I got with my Note7 which I had to return.

Any recommendations? I got a free incipio feather hybrid case for it, but don't really like it. Adds a lot of weight to it. The guy also had a skin on it, carbon fiber which I like. It also has a glass screen protector on it.


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