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Official I received my Surface Pro 4

Just joined this community after purchasing my first SP4 2nd hand off another owner. It was in perfect shape. It has 3 months of warranty left, wish I could extend it, but not a big deal as I may be upgrading to the SP5. I have never owned a surface product, so I wanted to try it first. I sold my Thinkpad T440, and iPad Mini 2, to get this as an all in one replacement.

My version is the i5, 256gb, 8gb. I added my 256gb microsd card I got with my Note7 which I had to return.

Any recommendations? I got a free incipio feather hybrid case for it, but don't really like it. Adds a lot of weight to it. The guy also had a skin on it, carbon fiber which I like. It also has a glass screen protector on it.

Funny, I just dumped my i5/16GB/512GB SP4 after sixteen months (and two other SP3s prior) to return to a Gen 4 X1 Carbon ThinkPad. Miss the SP4's screen, miss the 2-in-1, but love being back on a ThinkPad keyboard (even tho' the SP4's was pretty good), love the battery life (5.5-6 hrs on the SP4, 7.5-9 on the X1C) and love the cost of doing a 1TB SSD even more, $215 for a Crucial MX300 M.2 1TB SSD versus minimum another $600 to pop from 512GB to 1TB on a Surface. 2.37# vs 2.6. It's all about the use case.


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Yeah, I am starting to wonder if the SP4 was a smart idea. I am starting to like that new HP X360 Spectra for the price gets you. But I didn't see a pen with it but heard one was coming. Hmm...