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OH Y E A H my credit card was charged sp2 on the way.....


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Me too!

Later clarification: I got a "fraud alert" from Amex and confirmed it was legit. I called Amex and MSFT and confirmed that the charge was successful. However, it hasn't shown up as a pending charge yet. I'll check tomorrow.

Even Later Clarification (10/20) - After calling Amex and MSFT again, determined that it was a "pre-authorization check." My Amex hasn't been charged yet and won't be charged until it's shipped (10/25 is the current date). Sigh. However, I have been charged for my new keyboard.

Even Even later clarification (10/24) - Despite two calls to Amex and MSFT, Amex rejected the Surface Pro 2 as a fraudulent charge. Msft is sending an e-mail between Friday and Sunday for me to change the credit card. I called customer support, but they can't change it. I have to wait for the e-mail, but they assured me I won't lose my place in line. (I don't believe them.) I called Visa to tell them to expect the change, but without an exact date, they say they may call me to confirm anyway. Sigh.

I did get the Type 2 cover. Very nice. Space bar now works reliably, even when on my lap.
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me too! my ship date is 29th, but I confirmed with rep 3 times on the phone when I was ordering, they said I will have it on day 1 if it's not delayed by UPS, hope that's true.


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New here (my first Surface Pro is on order!)
My card has not been charged yet though, maybe they are released in waves? I ordered on 9/24

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I also ordered on 9/24 (SP2 256) and my cc got a "pending charge" (meaning card is ok, but charging not complete cause there is something the vendor must do yet). Pending charges must be completed in three days or they disappear. So what I think is MS packed it up and is putting it into the UPS/FedEx system, but the product has not gone out the door, so no final charge until then. ?????But at least they are moving on getting me my Pro


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I got a shipping notification and tracking number from Microsoft. Strangely it is only for the Surface Pro 2 even though I ordered the cover at the same time. The purple type cover is not listed on the confirmation and the amount they charged is only the tablet plus tax.