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So Tell Me, What You Think? 3G or No 3G?


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Speaking for myself, I don't miss the 3G option at all. None of my tablets - former and current - had the 3G option and I always used tethering to get online. That said, I should also mention that currently I am in a location where I am enmeshed in free wifi, so that colours my opinion. Regardless, even if the free wifi was not available, I doubt I would need the 3G capability as long as I could tether with my phone. Is tethering for everyone? Probably not. Would I like a second bill for a dedicated data connection? No.


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A MiFi sounds as a good solution. I will do a search about it once I need 3G and a unlocked device because I will use it in Brazil (I'm a brazilian and speak portuguese as a native language and some english). ...therefore I would prefer not having to take with me an extra phone size device...but this is not a big problem at all. Thanks for the sugestion.

They have international quad band mifi hotspots so you shouldn't have any problems. Additionally most support 5-10 devices at once so instead of having to have each tablet data enabled or a data usb stick for each laptop you can use one mifi. For example you can then have an iPad mini, a Surface Pro, a Kindle reader and a co-worker's laptop all connected to one mifi device providing data to all.


Meh...I am not sure 3G would be useful. I use wireless in the US everywhere. Internationally I would never use 3G, as my ATT plan would invariably cost the earth and the tablet would be configured for att not allowing me to swap out the SIM. I don't like the tethering argument though. I have used tethering in a pinch and while it works, it crushes the mobile phones battery to the point of being almost useless.


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I dont know if any of you are aware of this, but TMobile has a USB Jet adapter that lets you use 4G on the go. It's a non-contract device and you only pay the number of day options. It's late now, but TMobile had this device for 19.99 shipped. I went ahead and bought one for my new Samsung Windows 8 laptop. Obvioulsy, this wont work for the Surface RT since you have to install a client, but I think this would be perfect for some of you road warriors with the Surface Pro.

TMobile Jet 2.0
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<snip> I have used tethering in a pinch and while it works, it crushes the mobile phones battery to the point of being almost useless.
I can do 6hrs of tethering on my HTC One V or HTC Windows Phone 8S with half the battery remaining afterwards. I live with tethering only outside my office.


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I can get a 5GB AT&T tether plan on my WinPhone for $20 per month. Considered it but I don't think I'd use it enough.


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:(((((((( Hey guys, now another issue for you guys. Since my post, I've tried to set up my Samsung B7300 WM 6.5 phone for tethering once my new phone (WM 7.5) was stolen. Well, after installing WMWiFiRouter software on it, I could set the network BUT.... my two notebooks and my wife's phone CAN see my WiFi Spot, but Surface RT CAN'T. Yes, my hot spot router are not on available wifi networks on my Surface RT. Now, I found many posts saying that Ad-Hoc networks can't be seen by Surface RT !!!! SO.... it seems that I won't be able to do tethering using my B7300 WM 6.5. So frustrating...everybody seems to see my router, but not Surface RT.
3G is too slow anyway. A good 4G connection might sell, but 3G is outdated. Personally, I use mobile hotspot to my Droid Razr through Verizon, full 4G (about 28mb down, 7 up) which makes VPN bearable. Can't imagine trying to work over 3G.


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<snip>Can't imagine trying to work over 3G.

I hear you. When I configure our network appliance, I have to switch to http because https encryption makes it painfully slow, http is bearable.

But this is the case in a country like Philippines, where having unlimited data plan is prevalent. I live in a zone where LTE is just taking off and HSDPA+ is the norm. But telcos here use marketing to a stretch, such as "Get up to 42Mbps blah blah" where the keyword is "up to" as you may get 0.5Mbps and there's nothing you can do.

Having said that, having unlimited data plan is the reason we don't need additional software or apps on the phone to bypass carrier charging.
For $25 equivalent, we get unlimited data plan, unlimited SMS on all networks, and unlimited voice calls on the same network. But yes, the speed is crap.


My 2 pennies worth is very similar to Arnold's comments.

I see no need for my RT device to have 3g/4g connection. The ability to tether either to my phone (HTC 8X with 2GB mobile data) or to tether to my laptop which has a company data SIM present means that travel to and in work I'm covered. Tethering is extremly simple to set up.

Out and about if I need to use the RT I can connect to a myriad of hotspots which either my home broadband or mobile operator provides, plus there are free hotspots which some other organisations provide. At most I would only consider purchasing an unlocked MiFi device for use abroad and pick up a PAYG SIM while I'm there.


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Yes it deffinitelly does !

Hey guys, if you are those who DO NOT need a 3G dongle, don't try to convince others who need, that they acctually don't need it.

Please, many people want to use tablets far beyond than facebook, email, games and other entertaining apps.

There are many serious professional users around.

What about having to use the tablet visiting dozens of customers per week ? Use their WiFi spot ??? Asking for their password when many of them even don't want to give it ? What about on your car when you desperately need to send or receive a quote ?? When traveling...many places without a free WiFi Spot ?? Have to tether ? Drain your cell phone battery ? And if it is uncharged ? Well...here is another issue. My phone is a Windows Mobile 6.5 and there isn't any software for tethering other than one that creates an "ad hoc" wifi spot. Guess what ? Surface RT doesn't see "Ad Hoc" networks. All my notebooks and my wife's cell phone can see it, but not Surface RT. So....Microsoft, we desperately need compatible 3G dongles.


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cauzion, I don't think it is a matter of convincing people they don't need a connection but the fact is one is not included on board the Surface. That means whether people like it or not they are going to have to use other solutions. USB dongles are one option as is tethering and public hotspots. Don't forget about personal hotpsots though. You can get a MiFi that acts just like a dongle, is a dedicated connection for your surface or any other device and doesn't drain your phone battery.


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